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No description

Anushka Kandola

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of WEA

Social Media in the WEA
Different types of Social Media
Instant Messaging Services
Sound, Video and Image sharing sites
Profiling Services
Forums, Web Chat or Video Calling
London Riots 2011
Engage Audiences
Social Media Strategy
Good Content & Messaging
What is Social Media?
"Interactive online media that allows parties to create a profile and communicate with each other in a public or semi-public environment"
Why use Social Media?
Raise brand awareness
Share our vision, mission and values
Boost web traffic
Promoting courses
Communicate with students, tutors, members, volunteers, alumni
Forge links with funders, partners, journos, MP's
Recruit students and volunteers
Promote events
Water is Life
World Food Programme
Two way conversation
Dialogue with People in Power
@GeorgeFergusonx We look forward to working with you to improve adult education and community engagement in Bristol http://www.wea.org.uk
If you didn't catch it the first time, take a look at our WEA 'Making a Difference' Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIA_HQ
Ask a Question
How has the WEA improved
life? We want to hear
Cherie Dixon (Student from Sunderland, Yorkshire) “I owe everything I have achieved so far to the WEA - FANTASTIC association. What you guys provide across the country is amazing. Now I have my dream job and confidence I never knew I had!”
Celeste Amber Bagley (student) “I have been attending WEA classes for over 6 years now and it still remains a big part of my life. It helps me to keep my sanity and gives me something to look forward to. I suffer from various illness's among them Depression. For me the WEA is a lifeline.”
How do i get more likes/followers?
Turn Research into Content
WEA Volunteers contribute a whopping
£3.8 million
to the Association each year! A big thank you to all our amazing volunteers!
WEA Themes
Education policy & news
Our thoughts are with
#Malala Yousarif.
An inspirational young women and a beacon of hope for many
Work to create an
legacy starts now. WEA community gyms are an excellent example of how we can keep the momentum going!
92% of nonprofits are on Facebook
70% of nonprofits are on Twitter
90,000 citizens mobilised through Twitter
Volunteer Tezz Honeyford (from Derby). “It’s like going from rock bottom to turning it around. Now I have this under my belt I can really see myself with a job in the future.”
40 MP's (Parliamentary Friends) following us on Twitter
Journalists/Editors from Times, Guardian, BBC, Independent
Health & Well-being
Community Engagement
Follow other people
Comment on news, images, videos
Engage in debates #WEAtweethour
Re-tweet and share
Fresh content
Identify WHY you want to use Social Media?
Engage with followers to support a campaign
Identify influencers and get them on board
Use social media to drive traffic to the website
Communicate pictures, video, audio with groups
Internal communication between groups facebook.com/weavolunteers
Identify the best PLATFORM to use
Before you begin..
Short pieces of info such as promoting an event or current news
Contacting MP's, journalists, external organisations and promoting the WEA to anyone and everyone
HEADLINE and a link to a website, blog, video...
Finding information on Facebook involves an active search or 'like'
Can only communicate with supporters
Posts contain more information and pages can include detailed info - photo albums, video, comments...
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