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Copy of SS7H2a - Ottoman Empire

No description

Adrienne Bradfield

on 7 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of SS7H2a - Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Empire
Watch this
Where was the Ottoman Empire?
Empire became too big to govern effectively
Inept leaders
Losing side of WWI (Central Powers)
Known as the greatest Sultan (Islamic ruler) of the Ottoman Empire
Ruled from 1520 – 1566
During his rule the Ottomans (Muslim Turkish warriors) took control of the eastern Mediterranean and pushed further into Europe.
Had a strong rule because of janissaries (slave soldiers converted to Islam who become loyal warriors).
1. What was the Ottoman Empire?

2. Why was Suleyman “the magnificient” important to the Ottoman Empire?

Fill in the blank
3. The ______ and the _______ divided the Ottoman’s land after World War I.

4. What is the impact of the fall of the Ottoman Empire on today’s Middle East?
Ticket Out the Door
British and the French divided the land.
Turkey was created out of the ashes of the Ottoman Empire.
What happened to Ottoman Land?
Britain and France did not really pay attention to the borders that they created, but were more interested in how many big cities they got.
They put ethnic groups that really don’t like each other together in the same territories.
What happened to Ottoman Land?
The land that was split up by France and Britain is still messed up with conflict to this day!!!
Its not all Britain's fault.
The Ethnic Groups fight over
Why is this important today?
A once great Muslim Empire in the Middle East.
But over the years, it began to fall apart
Finally, the Empire completely crumbled when it was on the losing side in World War I.
The Ottoman Empire
How would you feel if tomorrow the Board of Education decided to split up ICMS and divide it into 5 schools located across the county or state?
Brain Jogger (P. 69)
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