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No description

Ken Davis

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Wellness

Sowing your Wellness Seeds Some seeds already sown 1 Sowing the Wellness Seeds 2 Pondering your current Wellness 3 Launching your Wellness Program Climbing your Wellness Mountain 4 The Illness - Wellness Continuum Wellness as foundation to all LIFE Below National Standards in NZ: 24% 32% 28% in reading in writing in maths What about Wellness?? Wellness Illness Success = Wellness? If you build your
Wellness field,
then Wellness
will come... LIVE what you TEACH Teacher Games
Zoo Concert
Responsible Happy Hour
Staff PD programs
Hike the Ocean Pathway
Tough Mudder Glenda Holdsworthy Whole day spent focusing on staff wellbeing 2006 Georgina Pazzi
Introduced her STAR
All staff wrote
personal goals. 2007 CASEA
Full day presentation
from RCH related to
student behaviour:
ADD ADHD Depression,
Classrooms 2008 Stewart Taylor
Spoke about mental / physical /
spiritual wellbeing. Talked
about spiral down, spiral up…. 2009 Leading Teams 2010 2011 Selina Burn
Nutrition &
Stress Relief You're already on your way.... We just need to BUILD BRIDGE a Add Icing to our CAKE Apple to your Avocado Thoughts Derail or Assist Bowl Filled With Light When a human is born it is given
a Bowl filled with light As the child grows, and this happens
to everyone, stones are placed in the bowl Some are placed in by others, and some are put in by
the child itself As the stones fill the bowl, it
becomes heavier and increasingly
difficult to carry, and the light
gets duller. Sometimes it is buried from sight, but it doesn’t go away completely. Inevitably, there comes a time when the work of
emptying the stones must begin –
the only enemy is fear The ancient Kahuna Tradition of Hawaii
(A Life That Counts, J. Rolleston) TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR WELLNESS Belief System ‘Mount Everest you
have defeated us –
but I will return and
I will defeat you,
because you cannot
get any bigger and I CAN.’ Limiting mindsets from other people They Resist Change It's not in
the budget Yeah, but... What if you
fail, what then? That's not
practical Actions/Choices Where are you now? Sometimes I get frustrated
with myself because I’m
not where I wanted to be,
but on the same hand,
I’m not where I used to be Jason Stevens, Rugby Player Don't Sweat the Small Stuff Remove Limitations Self Belief Positive Expectations Perform Quality Actions SOLVE your wellness puzzle The Key is Balance The Plan To initiate a Wellness program for staff and to monitor progress towards goals throughout 2013. The Steps to improve BP’s wellness: Pre February 2013 November 5 – Jan 31 – Wellness Readings – email to KD
Significant Other role Feb – Wellness Launch Wellness model examined – Dimensions outlined with examples
Self Assessment
Commitment to program
Wellness groups formed
Wellness readings distributed February is Education month Wellness readings to be reviewed in groups.
Significant Other Assessment to be conducted in this period.
KD meeting with Mentors Late Feb/March Setting of Wellness goals in at least 3 dimensions
Sharing of Wellness Goals with group.
Mentors meet with KD
One on one meetings
School support programs outlined March on to Wellness! Climbing to Mt. April Wellness journey continues with documentation.
April – KD to meet with whole group re progress
Monthly Mentor Group meeting
Email contact with KD if required May we continue? KD meeting with groups – 2/month
KD to meet with mentors
KD available on morning of every second week for individual appointments
School initiatives to enhance your journey June Completion of program
One page summary sent to KD
Reflections day – Staff stories of Wellness journey – the Good, the Great and the Sensational. Lessons learned from the Bad and the Ugly!
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