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The Ransom of Mercy Carter

Historical fiction book project

Sarah Underwood

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of The Ransom of Mercy Carter

Caroline B. Cooney
The Ransom of Mercy Carter
Historical Setting
Early colonial period
Deerfield, Massachusetts
British colony
Kahnawake village
Montreal, Canada
Major Facts
Mercy Carter is an 11 year old English Puritan
Deerfield is attacked by Indians and Canadian French
survivors are marched to Canada
survivors of the march are adopted into Indian families in the villages and French families in Montreal, or used as workers
Mercy is adopted by Tannhahorens and Nistenha
the ransom takes a long time to arrive
More Facts
the children have trouble figuring out what they are supposed to do
the French and the Indians are Catholic
Puritans hate Catholics, English hate French and Indians
many adapt to the new culture
adults and Ruth are disgusted that the children slipped into the new culture so easily
when ransom comes, several, including Mercy, don't take it and chose to stay with their new families
relatively easy read
has an interesting plot
a lot of characters in the beginning, but it soon whittles down to the more important ones
later middle school to early high school
shows how English Puritans lived
Puritan traditions and values
shows how Indians lived
traditions and values
"White settlers based their lives on outwitting the weather. While men were building thicker walls, the women were knitting thicker stockings. Indians, however, did not hide indoors. Their lives were based on entering the weather."
More about the story
Historical Accuracy
based on an actual set of events
English characters were real
includes actual Mohawk Indian words and names ex.) Tannhahorens
Mercy Carter did indeed choose to stay with her new family in Kahnawake
More Understanding
shows the conflicts between French and English from a different point of view
the tension was there long before the French and Indian War
clash of cultures AND religions:
English v. French
English v. Indian
Indian v. French
Puritan v. Catholic
Mercy Carter, Munnonock
Mr. Williams
Ruth Catlin, Mahakemo & Spukumenen
Father Meriel
Joseph Kellogg, Sowangen
Snow Walker
Johanna Kellogg
Eunice Williams
Eben Nims & Sarah Hoyt
Sally & Benjamin Burt
Tommy, John, Sam, & Benny Carter
Deacon Sheldon
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