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Terrarium; an ecosystem

No description

Denise Butts

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Terrarium; an ecosystem

Creating a Terrarium An Ecosystem An ecosystem is the earth, plants, animals,
water, sunlight and organisms. In order to survive they need each other to function.
It is very important to take care of the
ecosystems because in order for them to
survive we need to preserve forests and
gardens as well as animal habitats.
They need care and love in order to continue
their cycle of life. What is an Ecosystem? Creating a terrarium is a fun way to see
what a ecosystem looks like. What is a
terrarium you may ask? Well it is a small ecosystem
from rocks, soil, some more rocks, a plant
adding water and sunlight. You may add charcoal
for a filter and moss but that is optional. How to create your own Ecosystem! *Mason Jar
*Rocks of any kind
*Moss (Optional)
*Charcoal (Optional)
*A decorative toy
* Sunlight from the Sun Materials Used Kirrah Collecting Rocks
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