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Organization Development (OD)

No description

Maureen McDonnell

on 31 May 2014

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Transcript of Organization Development (OD)

"Organizational Development is the process of increasing organizational effectiveness and facilitating personal and organizational change through the use of interventions driven by social and behavioral science knowledge"
What it is
Long term planning strategy
An organization wide process
A strategy for change management
A structure for the development of processes and systems
Case Study: IBM
Founded in 1911 - One of the most successful manufacturers of computers
Began losing money in the early 1990's as they couldn't keep up with Apple and other competitors in the personal computer business
Focused on Organizational Development to entirely change the company, its culture, and its strategy
Organizational Development enabled its current success
What did IBM do right?
Discussion Questions
1) What role does Organizational Development play in your company/organization?

2) I used Office Space as an example of a company that failed to implement Organizational Development. Can you think of a real life example of a failure?

3) Do you think Organizational Development leads to a company's success?
Organizational Development (OD)

Organizational Development?
Maureen McDonnell
An outcome of OD activities is organizational effectiveness!
Management Consulting
Training and Development
Short Term
An easy "Toolkit"
What it is not
Organization Efficiency at it Finest
Lets look at an example of an organizational development failure!
Created a development strategy intended to change the culture and relevance of the value system
Undertook a comprehensive analysis of the structure of the current organization to better absorb disruptive technologies, market opportunities and other challenges
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