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ContentM: Higher Education

Using ContentM in Higher Education

Katie Brosious

on 16 June 2010

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Transcript of ContentM: Higher Education

To make it manageable. Branding ContentM aggregates all aspects of university content and social media initiatives, ContentM It's a fast-paced landscape of conversations information documents events blogs Etc. It's about what's Now. And it's fluid and ever-changing. It's about getting the newest information out there first. All of it. That's why integration
scalability is so important. and provides a platform by which to easily update, manage, and maintain it. Flexibility Scalability Customization Empowerment Aggregation Integration ContentM All while keeping focus on the university brand. It's flexible in its functionality. And it's constantly being updated, proving its scalability, It's completely customizable, Allowing for integration of everything relating to university websites. It's not news to you that the university website is important in higher education. But you may not know about the BEST way to manage a university's website initiatives... Call 785-832-2900 For more information: E-mail sales@allofe.com a content management system that was designed for educators. to meet their specific needs. There are many ways that ContentM will add value to your university website initiatives. The first of which is It's important to have focus in your brand. And there's no doubt that your brand is all over the web. But it's important to lasso it in. And control it. To keep the focus. Social media spreads your brand. Which is important because you want people to know about your school. Especially potential students donors current students alumni It's an extension of your university's brand. And gives it a more personal element. and engage and converse Social media can be confusing. ContentM allows you to keep your brand consistent with the same logos, colors, and mission. Aggregating your content keeps it simple. Like this: ContentM provides you with the tools to aggregate all of your social media and social networking initiatives with a few clicks. Effectively integrate all of your social media tools in one place. Whether your university uses or all of the above. ContentM allows you to drag and drop look and feel completely customizable even the most non-technical users pick it up in a few minutes. completely flexible to fit your needs, your goals, and your initiatives. Endless scalability. Powered by the same technology that drives the websites of Fortune 500 companies... What good is a content management system if it takes a computer programmer to figure it out? ContentM was designed so that about it. etc. ContentM was designed to be and to align with those of your school. ContentM brings that to Higher Education. And making updates to our system accordingly. To fit our clients' needs. Leading to... Designed to be so intuitive and user-friendly that non-technical users can use it without training, you'd think ContentM would be and boring and mass-produced. However, that's just not the case. functionality University websites created with ContentM are templates and layouts and the list goes on and on... ContentM is so much more than just a content management system. But seeing is believing. videos music pictures We're constantly evolving to keep up with the pace of the changing social media environment. And to provide them with the latest advancements in web technology. Higher Education content
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