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Identify, Connect, Equip - Dovetail for AYAC Conference May 2011

No description

Benjamin Dougherty

on 5 July 2011

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Transcript of Identify, Connect, Equip - Dovetail for AYAC Conference May 2011

The “Ice Epidemic” (2004-ish)

The Ice Breaker Strategy (2006)

Statewide Consultation (2008)

Tender 1 + 2 (2008)

Statewide Group Formed (2009)

Dovetail “ta-daa!” (2010) WHAT WE'RE NOT...


Community organisation or charity,

Peak organisation,

A research centre,

A private company. Dovetail is a free workforce development initiative for the youth alcohol and drug sector in Queensland. The Intro:
What is Dovetail?

The Setting:
The Queensland context

The Plot:
Identifying a Youth AOD Sector in QLD

The Denouement:
Challenges and Learnings Youth AOD Workers

Generalist Youth Workers

Generalist AOD workers

Other services, professions and industries

Peak organisations, Government departments, Police, Universities, research centres etc Service
Toolkit By phone
By email
In person Big Small Mining Hot Floods The Queensland Context Identifying a Youth AOD Sector

The Plot... Locating a Sector Joining the Dots Bridging the Divide Having something actually to say, or SPIT! SO THEN "WHAT DEFINES A SECTOR?"

The name or job title?
The employer? (eg Gov’t vs NGO)
The location or work context?
The value base?
Cultural markers?
A common set of tools?
And in Dovetail’s case: A common target group BROAD SECTOR ISSUES:

Different Values and Philosophies
National Health Reform / Medicare Locals
AOD’s Relationship with Mental Health
Cost Unit Pricing and Clinical Care Packages
Workforce Pay Equity Capacity

Confidentiality and Consent

Legal and Ethical Contexts / Boundaries

Safety and Wellbeing VS Risk Management

Conceptualising “Evidence-Based Practice” Market reorientation
Push to Service Integration
Fascination with “illicits”
Internet drugs

Are we building a sector? or weakening a sector?

The Accreditation dilemma

Role and function delineation

Language, power and accessibility Firstly, a desire for cake!
A good recipe
Good preparation time and the right kitchen
Quality ingredients that (who) work well together
It’s got to look good
It’s got to taste good
It’s better shared
Not too crumbly, with long shelf-life! FOR MORE INFORMATION:

(07) 3837 5621

or follow us on Twitter:

"DovetailQLD" THE IMPORTANCE OF .... CAKE! In fact, we don't really know what to call ourselves...
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