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How do I manage a Project? without index

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Bárbara Pinho

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of How do I manage a Project? without index

How do I manage a Project?
Plan the Execution
Define tasks according to the objective
Define its sequence
Allocate resources
Determine milestones
Define clear timings for tasks' conclusion/evaluation across the project
Easier to find deviations at early stages and correct them
Confirm alignment between the team
Reallocate resources if needed
Create Support Tools
Continuous communication is crucial (communication plan/strategy)
Every team member should be aware of its responsibility
Microsoft Outlook (or similar) is a great tool to assure that tasks are organised, timings are being fulfilled and everybody is communicating
Regular Points of Situation Meetings must be promoted to assure team alignment and evolution of project - achievement of milestones

Celebrate Results
Celebrate results is crucial for keeping team members motivated as a team and as individuals.
Keeping people happy and motivated leads to success!
Case Studies
Stand at 2011 Students Annual Festivity
Define Objectives and Scope
After getting an idea, as a team, the first thing we need to do is to define the exact objectives that we want to accomplish.

Defining a precise Goal, that is the same across the team, will help us to keep in mind the direction we want to follow and keep every team member aligned.
Course Modules at TPPM
Aveiro's Students - Target
The team
The Objective
List of material needed
Students Union - Sponsor
Tasks definition and allocation
Checklist control
Investment : 4 068 €
Entry: 5 083 €
Profit : 1 015 €
1st day balance - personal investment covered
4 days balance - full investment covered
Final balance - 1 000 € (profit)
I hope you enjoyed it!
Gantt Charts are very helpful at this stage
Create checklists
A main Project
14 Events
Pharma Industry Professionals
Investigators /CRA
Master Students
Defined Procedures
Manage Participants
Manage Lecturers
Manage Module Logistics
Manage Documentation
Manage people 's hunger!
Assigned Tasks
Promotion of curricular units programs and applications forms
Reception of inscriptions and organization of associated documentation
Assure that every Participant gets pre-course materials, their ID, dossiers with course
materials, receipts, certifications
Assure that all the material needed travels from Aveiro to Lisbon
Assure that every Lecturer has its presentation on the computer on time, get their certifications and thanking gift, communicates all of its needs and has them promptly fulfilled
Assure that coffee breaks are complete and enough for all the participants
Assure that any setback is not understood by lecturers or participants and promptly solved
Support course directors on its task or unexpected issues
Keep Quality Standards at highest levels
Cooperate with Module Leaders on their tasks (Communication with lecturer; collection of materials)
Send all the post-course materials for all participants
Process Lecturers' Evaluation, produce reports and communicate them in proper time
Confirm participants presence
Communicate with "Ordem dos Farmacêuticos" on attribution of participants accreditation
Coordinate with Finance department payments of curricular units and costs management
Manage Clinical Research Office Budget
Several Sub-projects
PharmaTrain Center of Excellence Achievement
GIC - Clinical Research Office
Personal Project - To be a Successful Student!
Problem Solver
Create new Procedures
Assure milestones are achieved on time
Define Standards
Coordinate with Program Directors
Create Strategic Decision Points in order to easily proceed
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