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Collecting Notes - Microsoft OneNote

No description

Eric Wilson

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of Collecting Notes - Microsoft OneNote

Collecting Notes - Microsoft OneNote
OneNote was originally released November 19,2003

Was a part of Office 2007 and 2010

Available only for Windows...

Until Now!
Microsoft OneNote 2014

Available for
- Windows
- Macintosh
- iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad)
- Android OS

Awesome Web Version
OneNote Clipper
Collaborate with Others
OneNote work with Office Apps
Thank You!
Brief overview how OneNote evolved
How to get your copy of OneNote
Exploring the OneNote environment
Access OneNote from Anywhere
OneNote Working Hard
Clicker Time
Now that you learned some information abut OneNote...

A - I am going to try it and might use it

B - I am already migrating to OneNote

C - Still have some questions

D - Still up in the air
How Do I get My Copy?

Create a Microsoft Account


Microsoft 365

Download on your devices and boot
Sign in for the sync to work in between devices.
Primary Focus
Use it anywhere!

Work collaboratively

Keep notes, pictures, thoughts and information together and organized in one place

Clip the Web using clipper

Email your notes (mmouse@onenote.com)

Snap photos (Windows 8/8.1 only)
Clicker Time
What method do you use to take notes and collect thoughts;

A - Microsoft Word
B - Evernote
C - Microsoft OneNote
D - Still Writin' Man
E - I use my tablet
Why should you use OneNote?
Great for taking notes during meetings

Lesson planning

Track of class sessions

Keep a journal

Planning events

Research collection
What technology do I use the most?

A - Windows computer/laptop
B - Macintosh computer/laptop
C - Apple iPad
D - Windows tablet
E - Android tablet/device
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