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catalina computers

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on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of catalina computers

History of computers
by: Catalina
500 bc
automatic couculater
the weaving tool
type writer
modern computer
elector macanical computers
The abacus is a calculator . The abacus is a machine that is used for math to solve problems in addition or subtraction and multiplication or division. This first computer was made out of string and beads or shells. The abacus was first made in Spain, Babalonia. When the abacus was made it was wanted so people did their math without difficulties.
The automatic calculator was a wild invention for the computer. This second computer was used basically for the same thing as the abacus was used for, except for this one was automatic. This calculator was made turning gears. There is a problem with the abacus: it was slow to do the math. The automatic calculator was an excellent invention for the computer.
The weaving tool was the third step to computers. This device uses codes like computers in order to work. This device weaves strings. It might not be important, but it is because it has different codes for different things. This tool uses codes to work to reach the modern computer.
The typewriter was a genius invention. The typewriter was mainly used for writing. You could spend less time on writing than work and it was faster than a pen or pencil. This invention or should this say machine types like on a computer except it's on a piece of paper not on a screen yet. The typewriter is still an excellent idea.
The modern computer is the second to last computer. You have in your house a computer like this one. The modern computer is a machine that you work on. You can even do different programs at different times. For example, you want to do a project on Prezi and write on Microsoft Word 2010. You could get everything done quickly. The modern computer is a small computer that can fit in your house.
The electro-mechanical computer was an awesome computer. You can now arrange things or fix things, or design things, or text things. The electro-mechanical computer was a machine worked by magnets. People were getting really bored of not getting your answers wrong or spelling, punctuation, or capitalization. This computer is an excellent way to correct your corrections.
thanks for watching
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