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Untitled Prezi

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Amelia Banks

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

What is the internet really like? Will the internet change in the future? Internet life... What type of people will be on the internet in the future? Security and passwords! Bullying... The internet is a big place!
And like Earth, it has good and
bad people inside it...

Sometimes people take it a step
to far and bully people that have
NOT done anything wrong. Well Yes. It is Changing every second!
I mean look at APPLE, they have made a iPad
and 5 years ago we wouldn't of believed it would exist!
Its always changing, updates on websites, logo's, social networks! What Is The Internet Like? Q: What will the internet be like in the
future and what is cyber bullying? Well nobody knows to be honest, we would like to say sensible people that use it correctly... But that isn't always the case. All types of people can get onto the internet, Phones, Tablets, Laptops(ect.) Can all get onto it, so we never know. *A FEW TiPs On secuRIty ANd PasSwOrDS...*

1.NEVER leave your account details artound any unsafe place.

2.DONT ever give your passwords to even your closest friends because if you fall out with them they can log on when they shouldn't.

3.NEVER leave your account logged on. Anyone could access it. Don't do this to anybody! Lets Take A Look On... Q: But is cyber bullying that bad?

A:YES. It can lead to self harm and even

Q: Can we stop this?

A: We can only hope it will stop... We help
everybody we can. A: Q&A's A: Well, lets have a look? *Conclusion* So Lets Re-Cap? Yes Lets ReCap? So we have looked at cyber bullying, accounts and passwords and the effects of it... QUICK QUIZ TIME? Yes Okay I Love Quizzes! QUIZ! *Nobody!* Who should you give your password to? Who Can Be A Bully?
*ANYBODY* Who Can Get Onto The Web? *Anyone* I HOPE YOU DID WELL!
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