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TWC : May 2010 : SF Tweak

No description

Dane Ramshaw

on 22 June 2010

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Transcript of TWC : May 2010 : SF Tweak

Double click anywhere & add an idea Using Social networks to engage learners and improve student voice
Dissemination Techy Where next? Stats Platform Research Surveys ND Elgg Feedback Individual Elggs Collaboration 25.03.10
Meeting 07.05.10
proposed conference 13.07.10 Demonstration of Elgg use within schools to Primary Teachers 18.06.10 Online via Twitter
10.05.10 www.blip.tv/file/3416657 04.02.10 Staff INSET
Staff CPD
School Partnership Twitter ICT Register at BSEC
24/25.2.10 St Cuthbert Mayne
26.03.10 Meeting with Graham Sims
07.05.10 Key stage 2 Ysgol Gymraeg Rhydaman Elgg teaching by Amman Valley Year 9 pupils 01.05.10 Development of our own 'mods' global $autofeed = true
$search_type = get_input('search_type', 'all')
$query = stripslashes(get_input('q', get_input('tag', '')))
$limit = ($search_type == 'all') ? 2 : get_input('limit', 10)
$offset = ($search_type == 'all') ? 0 : get_input('offset', 0)
$entity_type = get_input('entity_type', ELGG_ENTITIES_ANY_VALUE)
$entity_subtype = get_input('entity_subtype', ELGG_ENTITIES_ANY_VALUE)
$owner_guid = get_input('owner_guid', ELGG_ENTITIES_ANY_VALUE)
$container_guid = get_input('container_guid', ELGG_ENTITIES_ANY_VALUE)
$friends = get_input('friends', ELGG_ENTITIES_ANY_VALUE)
$sort = get_input('sort')
switch($sort) $order = get_input('sort', 'desc')
if($order!= 'asc'&&$order!= 'desc') $params
$types = get_registered_entity_types()
$custom_types = trigger_plugin_hook('search_types', 'get_types', $params, array())
$url = "{$CONFIG->wwwroot}pg/search/?$data" The Trio of Awesomeness The 'Innostick' Continue to facilitate student voice
Publicise student voice activities to wider school body
Coordinate different student voice groups to aid collaboration
Enable ALL students to communicate with student voice groups (every student has a voice)
SV4L&T - enable student action research on learning and teaching in school
Establish student voice clusters e.g. LEA/TWC/international partnerships - cross-school collaborative projects
Develop charity links
Anti-bullying applications
Facilitate teacher voice & collaboration
Curriculum usage
E-safety learning
Extra-curricular clubs & activities
Links to higher education
Inspiring & stretching more able & talented
Supporting SEN
Primaries (transition)
National/international links
Mentoring (teacher-student, teacher-teacher, student-student)
Student Voice ...and beyond Journey Examples Collaboration The Welsh Connection | @twconline Damian Donnelly | ddammanv@live.co.uk
Stephen-Lee Farmer | stephenleefarmer@gmail.com
Andrew Luxton | Andrew.Luxton@staff.priory.n-somerset.sch.uk
Sian Morgan | morgans@barrycomp.net
Dane Ramshaw | dramshaw@ndonline.org
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