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Flowers for algernon

english prezi

austin wall

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Flowers for algernon

Flowers for Algernon The Essential Question What are the perceived advantages/disadvantages of lack of intelligence. The Five Quotes Character vs. Character "Oh god please don't take it all away." (page 218) it shows that he is scared that he might lose his smarts to. Charlie Gordon was a 37 year old that has a mental learning disability and is not very smart. His IQ is at the level of 68. Doctors do an experimental operation on him and a mouse named algernon. Algernon becomes smart then loses his knowledge and Charlie might be faced with that same problem. Findout what happens in Flowers for Algernon. Foreshadowing "everyone is upset with what this might mean." (page 216) Algernon is regressing so charlie might too. Character vs. self " if there is an answer I will find it." (page 216) it shows that he is scared of getting dumb. Irony " I wonder what that is." (page 210) he already took the test. Figurative Language : simile " It all comes back like a picture." (Page 210) it shows that he can remember what he reads now. Quotes with Questions When do the negative consequences of technology outweigh the positive consequences? "Every one is upset with what this may mean" (Page 216).
How the quote relates is that after the surgery algernon regresses and if that happens then charlie might to and that is the negative consequence and the positive is when algernon and charlie got smart. What are the perceived advantages/ disadvantages of lack of intelligence? "Amazed" (Page 202). The disadvantage is that he can not follow a basic conversation, and an advantage is that he thinks he has a friends and they are not his friends. How does technology assist /complicate the human condition? " tripled by surgical means." (Page 204). It assist the human condition because they are using technology to make him smart. How do we perceive the intellectually disable? "shut up! leave him alone! its not his fault he can't understand! He can't help what he is. But . . . . he's still a human being!" (Page 215). Charlie looked at the kid that droped the plates and started to laugh and make fun of him. Article Summary A study shows that children that score low IQ test turn out to be racist or prejudice. Poem Flowers for Algernon
by Ricky & Austin

Charlie Gordon
Dumb yet Smart
progressing, enjoying, regressing
smarts, Miss kinnian, mouse, player
amazing, rising, falling
White & Smart
Algernon Five Quotes that relates to the Question
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