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Marcela Summative Assessment

No description


on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Marcela Summative Assessment

History of the Camera
Did you know that the first camera ever made was called Camera Obscura. Joseph Niepce took the first picture ever and it was black and white and he took it out side his window.
1 of the first cameras were bigger than a car and it was hard to carry. It was used to take fotos of trains and it used plates instead of film. Inventors all around the world tried to make smaller cameras and easier to use.

Luis Daguerres's fotos were made on metal. In 1839 William Henry Fox Talbot made a foto on paper.
Before Cameras
Long LONG ago they painted their pictures in caves, walls, rocks or plants. They used animal blood or fruit juice like paint. Some years after they started to paint with real paint.

The First Camera
Better Fotos
Louis Daguerre inveted the second camera. It look like a wooden box and it was called Daguerre types. The Daguerre types first foto had peolpe on it.
Fotos on Paper
Using Cameras
In middle of 1800 photography studios opened all over Europe and the U.S.
A Big Idea
Cameras for Everyone
In 1888 the first Kodak camera was sold. It was smaller than than earlier cameras. The first Kodak camera came with it's ow case. In 1900 Kodak invented a camera called the Brounie and Kodak sold Brounies for 70 years.
By: Marcela
Ms. Margot class

Flash and Color
Cameras got better over time. Oskar Barnack from Germany, invented a new kind of camera, he called a Leica and it was yhe first 35 millimiter camera. By 1930's cameras cemae in many shapes and sizes. In 1930 the flash camera was invented and in 1936 colored fotos were possible with a color film.
Instant Fotos
In 1944 Edwin Land, of the U.S took a foto of his 3 year old daughter. She asked to see the foto right now. That gave him an idea. In 1947 Edwin made an instant camera. It was called the Palaroid.
Digital Cameras
In 1970's , astronauts wanted to take photos from space and send them to earth fast. Inventors made the digital cameras, and digital cameras don't need film. The photos are stored on a tiny computer disk inside the camera. In 2000 a Japanese company put the camera in cellphones.
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