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No description

Marie-Joy Cuevas

on 27 May 2018

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Transcript of Wimhurst


by MJ Cuevas
Electrostatic Generator
Belongs to a class of generators called, "Influence Machines"
Invented by James Wimhurst in 1880 to generate high voltages
Separates electric charges through electrostatic induction (influence)
Imbalance of charges are induced and amplified
Spinning Plastic
Small Metal Plates
Double-Ended Brushes
Collecting Combs
Leyden Jars
Adjustable Electrodes
Used for physics research
Used to generate high voltage to power the first-generation Crookes x-ray tubes
used in museums and classroom to show the
principles of electrostatics
Principles of Electrostatics
First Law: Like charges repel each other, while unlike charges attract each other
The force between two charges that are static or moving slowly in a medium.
The charge builds potential and will discharge to a more "positive potential"
Electric shock between two people
The principle of rubbing one thing against another transfers charge.
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