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Cushion sea star

No description

Brittany Pelletier

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Cushion sea star

Scientific name - Oreaster reticulatus.
About 50cm can weigh up to about 11-15 pounds.
The Cushion Sea Star is usually found in calm shallow waters.
A majority of them live on sand bottoms surrounded by sea grass.
Sometimes they can be found in shallow reefs, magroves, or lagoons.
Cushion Sea Stars tend to move with the suckers on their feet.
Occasionaly they will jump, catching a wave to their next destination.
Cushion Sea Stars are usually preyed upon by other fish.
They are usually green which provides camouflage.
Physical Characterisitics
The seastar's body is covered with knobby spines.
They vary in colors from brown, red, orange, and yellow and the babies are usually green.
The Cushion seastar usually stays by themselves and stay isolated
They move around very slowly with their tube feet. They move .12-.33 m per minute.
They are usually active during the day.
Eating Habits
The Cushion Sea Star is an omnivore. They eat worms, crabs, and sponges.
When they eat they pile themselves on top of the food and extracts their stomach.
Life Cycle
Sea Stars reproduce in crowded areas.
The lifespan of a Cushion Sea Star depends on the food availability. If there is low food availability they will reduce in size.
General Facts
Random Fact
The cushion sea star can turn over sediment at a rate of 1.9 times in a 24-hour period
Video Clip
Cushion Sea Star
By: Brittany Pelletier

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