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Kikapu kwa wote, basket4all

A description of a project for development of basketball in rural areas of North Tanzania, starting with Msitu Wa Tembo. In English

iago r g

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Kikapu kwa wote, basket4all

First stage
Kikapu kwa wote
Previous work
Contact made with friends made previously from Baptist Court Moshi
Present Baptist Court Moshi with the idea of developing a basketball-training program.
Very enthusiastic response.
Begin to work out details of project.
First contact with TATU Project, an NGO working in Msitu Wa Tembo. Discussion of potential basketball project.
First Skype contact with Edgar, a player chosen to be a project leader from the Baptist Court Moshi.
He plans to collect information about other players willing to volunteer.

Information on potential trainers and coaches gathered
Javi, Iago, and Albane develop a project proposal, including a schedule for the first stage of the project
Given the lack of resources available in Msitu Wa Tembo, the decision is made to import all materials, such as balls, nets, and jerseys, from Spain
CB Zona Press, a basketball club from Spain, agrees to sponsor the initial project, supporting us with: Hoops, Balls, Jerseys, and more
On 13th of August, with all the materials purchased, Javi and Iago fly to Tanzania!
Work in the field
The first step on the ground is to confirm our partners
Where do we build the hoops?
Despite the sand, this will be the best place
We need to remove the sand
With the help of Mwalimu (teacher) Max and other teachers, construction of the courts begins!
The children carried away a lot of sand to make the court useable
The teachers dug holes for the hoops
The support needed to be welded to the rim
The future trainers joined in to help too!
First day of trainings
The court is ready
Trainers are ready...
Players are here,
trainings start!
Red team!
Good work!
Second seminar with the trainers, on passing, with "zamburguesa" and other games...
And on dribbling, with mirror game and others
Javi explaining a pivoting move to the trainers…
...And the trainers trying it!
During second week, trainers decide to start with shooting skills
Goal for second week: trainers take over
Forth seminar,
Learning how to move with passes. Try to avoid travelling!
At the end of the training...
Meeting with Iago, Javi, the teachers, trainers, and TATU Project to determine how to keep the project running!
A project by:
Trainers, from Baptist court Moshi
Thanks to support by:
Javi and Iago, founders
Teachers of Msitu Wa Tembo
TATU Project
Second stage
(pilot project)
Front page of the notebook trainers will use for planning and evaluation
Notebooks for trainers and teachers are given
Trainings held every Tuesday and Thursday from September through December.
Volunteer trainers lead each practice.
Two groups of student participants: the red group, 28 8-9 year old children, and the orange group, 27 11-12 year old children.
Trainers work with teachers from the schools, who also use the court when there is no training.
Two head trainers plan trainings daily and assess the progress monthly, sending this information to TATU Project.
A tournament will be organized at the end of the school year to mark the end of the pilot program!
Fixed hoop (the table in the middle was broken)

Orange group
Red group
Pascal, one of the trainers, setting up the net
Dennis, one of the head trainers, with orange team
Provide trainers with financial compensation for their work
Reach more children in these two schools
Expand the program to more schools
Develop a basketball league
Enhance other projects in Msitu Wa Tembo, by TATU (health, education, agriculture, women empowerment...)
Playing basketball!
Look at Mt. Kilimanjaro peaking out behind our hoop!
How you can help
First option: sponsor a team
How much?
200 euros per month over the course of one year
What for?
100 euros for the salaries of the head trainer and assistant trainer.
100 euros for TATU Project to cover running costs and maintenance of the project. We want to build a hardcourt. And also for supporting other projects by TATU (empowerment, agriculture, education...)
Is it my team?
They will use the name of your team or company, or wear your colors if you wish. Furthermore, you will get monthly report of your team trainings..
Other options
Donate sports material for improving the project
Donate to TATU Project, specifying it is for "Basket4all"
You will get pictures of your donation being used
We will tell you exactly what your money is helping to support.
If you want to help... contact us!
Iago Rego García
Albane Gaudissart
Skype: iago21r
Together, an agreement is reached and contract signed
Our new mission statement
Javi and Iago with the trainers and children after a good practice
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