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ND Synod Fall Theological Conference

December 4th 2014

Grace Duddy

on 14 August 2016

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Transcript of ND Synod Fall Theological Conference

Stewardship with Adults under 40
Digging Deeper:

By: Grace Duddy Pomroy
Setting the Stage
Seeds for the Parish
Why do you give?
How do you prefer to give?
What encourages/discourages you to give to the church?
Who are "Adults under 40"?
Name the Assumptions
Lost Generation
Won't Grow Up
Won't Commit
Living at Home
Attached to Technology
Who are Adults under 40?
Education, Jobs and Debt
Technology and Social Media
100 million
Generation X
66 million
75 million
Pew Research Center "Millennials in Adulthood" March 2014
Some College Education between ages 18-28:
54% Millennials
49% of Gen Xers
36% Baby Boomers
However, 36.7% of recent graduates are working at jobs that do not require a degree.
Pew Research Center "Millennials: A Portrait of Generation Next"
Gen X
Gen X
Loan Debt
Source: U. S. Census Bureau, Monthly Labor Review, Project on Student Debt, Institute for College Access and Success, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,
Hadley Malcolm and Frank Pompa, USA TODAY
"Millennial's ball-and-chain: student loan debt"
By Hadley Malcolm, USA Today
"Out of the back of my car" venture
Lack of Diversity
Focus: To get out and talk to people
Focus Groups and Interviews
8 congregations
10 focus groups, 5 interviews
65 people
What I did:
Space for Conversation
Stewardship Associations
1. Community - 32
7. Leadership - 7
7. Difference - 7
Motivations for Giving
Motivations for Giving Time
Congregational community
They were asked
Time used effectively/efficiently
Working with community partners (20s)
Time Commitment
Motivations for Giving Money
Mission of the congregation
They feel like their money makes a difference.
Supporting the church
Ask to Increase Giving
living paycheck to paycheck
life uncertainty
competition from other non-profits
money used inefficiently
Money Talk
How much is appropriate to give?
"It has been hard for us because we never knew how much was normal to give, $5 or $500. [Our] parents didn't talk about it."
"Pledging is daunting. It is a commitment. I fear not being able to pay so I under-estimate my giving."
2. Faith - 22

3. Mission - 15
4. Pastor - 11
4. Trust - 11

6. Bible - 8
9. spiritual - 3
9. Christian - 3
9. God - 3
12. Jesus - 2
13. Ministry - 1
14. Spirit - 0
Ideas that Are Working
Electronic Giving
Talk about Money + Values
Offer a Personal Financial Wellness Resource
Jacob's Well
Tell an incomplete story!
Religion & Politics
What does stewardship mean to you?
Over half of participants in my research project responded that the word stewardship did not resonate with them or it had a negative connotation
"[The word 'stewardship'] does not mean anything to me and I bristle at it. It is a veneer on this thing of 'we want your money' . . . There are positive meanings of that word, but it feels like a con word."
-20s research participant
"taking care of people or places" or "environmental stewardship"
Positive Meaning:
Money not talked about much in the congregation except for giving appeals or budget conversations.
Only participants from one congregation mentioned that the congregation discussed the way that they use money in all of their life.
Desire for credit card and personal finance discussions
How did I get interested in this topic?
Four Trends
"duty and delight"
mission + making a difference
Giving through congregations
More diverse giving patterns
My Research
Demographic Trends
Giving Trends
Questions about giving
Micro + Monthly
Inspiration + Impact
Web + Social Media
Transparent + Trustworthy
2013 Millennial Impact Report, http://www.themillennialimpact.com/2013RESEARCH
There is no quick fix . . . context matters
Expand Your Ways of Giving
Assess how people can give to the congregation,
Ask how they would like to give to the congregation,
Implement at least one new way of giving
Invite Under 40s to be a part of your stewardship ministry
Church of the Apostles
Seattle, WA
Let's take a break!
Augustana Lutheran Church
19 families participated
13 week class
Over $30,000 of debt was paid off or money put in savings
Now on 5th class!
Thrivent Volunteer Financial Coaching
Habits of the Matures
Habits of Generation X
Habits of Millennials
Generations Overview
Birth date: 1980-2000
Birth date: 1965-1979
Birth date: 1946-1964
Confident. Connected. Open to Change.
Digital Natives
and "A Generation For Causes: A Four-Year Summary of the Millennial Impact Project."
Light of the World
Farmington, MN
Fearless Feasts
Use Technology to Create a Movement
Tell Stories
All of Life
Talked At + Talked About
Age: 70+
Birth date: 1901-1945
Age: 69-51
Habits of the Baby Boomers
Age: 35-50
Age: 35-15
Minneapolis, MN
Engagement + Dialogue
1. Adults under 40, does this fit with your experience? Others, does this fit with your experience of adults under 40?
2. What great ideas have you heard for engaging adults under 40 in your community? Or other faith communities?
3. What ideas will you bring back to your context?

Pew Research Center, "This Year, Millennials will overtake Baby Boomers" (January 2015)
Silent Generation
Baby Boomer
Generation X
Percentage of the population that is non-Hispanic white
of recent bachelor’s degree recipients have outstanding student loans, with an average debt of about
Two decades ago
only half
of recent graduates had college debt, and the average was
Sandra Baum, “How much do students really pay for college?” Urban Institute, December 5, 2013. And National Center for Education Statistics, Degrees of Debt: Student Loan Repayment of Bachelor’s Degree Recipients 1 Year After Graduating: 1994, 2001, and 2009, NCES 2014-011, Washington, DC: NCES.
Social Media:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and/or LinkedIn
Pew Research Center "Millennials in Adulthood" (March 2014)
Gen Z
"Are you ready for Generation Z?" By Brennen Jensen
Chronicle of Philanthropy
April 2015, p. 20-27
These kids are savvy, bold, and eager to do good.
How to Rally Gen Z to Your Cause
1. Tap Youthful Creative Energy
2. Don't Sugarcoat
3. Communicate in "Microbursts"
4. Be Transparent
5. Ditch Gender Stereotypes
6. Use Good Design
Detached from Institutions,
Networked with Friends
Why do you give?
How do you prefer to give?
What encourages/discourages you to give to the church?
Grab a partner from a different generation
Were your answers similar or different?
Stewardship is the way in which we use all of the resources that God has entrusted to our care to

God and our neighbor.
Three Movements of Stewardship
"Teacher, which commandment in the law is the greatest? He said to him, “ ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the greatest and first commandment. And a second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ ”
(Matthew 22:37-39).
Good Samaritan
For me, stewardship is about
For most people, stewardship is about
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