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iDirect Pulse Transforms Every Aspect of Your Business

iDirect Pulse® is a next-generation Network Management System (NMS) that transforms your satellite communication network operations, enabling higher levels of performance. iDirect Pulse provides all the functionality you expect in an NMS.

Thom F

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of iDirect Pulse Transforms Every Aspect of Your Business

See How iDirect Pulse Transforms Every Aspect of Your Business
The Power to Drive Results
iDirect Pulse provides the right tools and information so people can work more effectively, even maintaining full visibility of operations through a smart device while visiting customer sites.
A Vibrant Customer Experience
Give customers real visibility into their network and the ability to optimize settings using dedicated portals and tailored apps.
Withstand Any Challenge
Use iDirect Pulse virtualization to build multiple layers of redundancy so that all data collected at the teleport is stored safely offsite, and prepare a backup terminal to come online in the event of a disaster.
Deeper Insights, Better Decisions
Whether it’s rapidly shifting demands, changing weather patterns or unique instances, iDirect Pulse delivers report and fault management to help catch issues before they become major problems.
One Pulse, Any Network
Whether tracking a mobility network from an airline or service or checking QoS for thousands of ground terminals, the distributed architecture of iDirect Pulse sustains a variety of networks, no matter how large or complex.
Improve common processes by using the powerful Web services API to integrate iDirect Pulse with operational and business support software.
Automate Business Growth
Introducing Pulse
Scalable Solutions
Network Operation
Network Analysis
Customer Experience
Security and Reliability
OSS/BSS Automation
Copyright © 2015. VT iDirect, Inc.
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