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DISASTER Proof of Concept

Border moor fire

Rubén Casado

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of DISASTER Proof of Concept

Different response teams have to cooperate each
other from each side of the border
Dutch side
This team requires updated information about the
current state of the situation in the German side
in order to organize the response actions.
German side
The response team generates a map to
describe the current situation of the fire
scenario in the German side
A fire in a border area
between Germany and the Netherlands
Proof of Concept
Border Moor Fire scenario
Dutch response team requires such information in an
understandable way so they can take quick and suitable decisions
Dutch-side characteristics
The EMS only accepts WMS standard maps

They use specific set of icons to
depict a fire situation
This scenario involves issues such as translation,
information sharing procedures in an international context, different standards for information representation, different cultural background, concepts and methodologies, amongst others
German team publishes and keeps updated the map
in a server so others authorized response teams
can consult it
German-side characteristics
The EMS generates maps in WFS format

They use the own set of icons
Cultural mediation :
German icons to Dutch icons

Protocol mediation:

Format mediation
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