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Allied Bombing of Munich

English class

Piper Heide

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Allied Bombing of Munich

Resources http://nemet_sorstragedia_en.lorincz-veger.hu/terrorbombazas_munchen_en Munich, Germany. Allied Bombing Of Munich Bombings In Munich
>It was the target of about 71 allied bombings
>In July 1944, the US alone dropped 1 million bombs Damage in Munich >1943: The Bavarian State Library, the National theatre, eighteen churches, a children's asylum, an orpanage, seven homes for the elderly and the institution for the blind were destroyed.
>1945: The Cathedral of Our Lady was destroyed. January, 1945 >The most severe damage to Munich came at the end of the war.
>7th and 8th of January: 2,000 tons of bombs were dropped.
>19th of January: 505 were killed in a simuliar bombing Munich Today >Munich is the third largest city in Germany.
>It has 1.2 million people living in it.
>Officials estimate that there are still 2,500 bombs buried underneath Munich from the WWII bombings. Last year, a bomb was detonated after officials couldn't defuse it. Major Events/Bombings The German Worker's Party re-named itself the Nationalist Socialist Worker's Party. (Nazis) 1920 1942 World War Two starts. September 20, 1942:
First Major bombing In Munich. 1939 March 10th
September 7th
October 2nd 1943 July 11th
July 13th
July 16th
July 19th
November 26th 1944 January 7th
and 8th 1945 >In 1920, the Nazi Party was founded in Munich, Germany.
>It served as a major industrial and transportation center.
>This made it a large target for the Allied bombers. The Munich Massacre Another
History >1973 Olympic Games
>A group of Palestinian terrorists took hostage and eventually killed eleven athletes and coaches from Israel -6,632 deaths in total- Main Allied Countries:
UK, USA, France, Soviet Union >After WWII, Munich was rebuilt into a more modern city. http://www.discover-munich.info/munich_history.php http://www.johndclare.net/Weimar6.htm http://www.2worldwar2.com/ http://www.worldwar2history.info/war/Allies.html One Day in September: The Full Story of the 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre and the Israeli Revenge Operation "Wrath of God" by Simon Reeve Copyright 2000,2011 "The Games of peace and joy."
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