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The History of American Affairs and Sex Scandals

No description

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of The History of American Affairs and Sex Scandals

Thomas Jefferson
By James Callender Feb. 27, 1797
Hamilton Has Affair, Husband Blackmails Him
1776 and Beyond
Alexander Hamilton had three year affair with Maria Reynolds
Husband blackmailed Hamilton to keep quiet about the affair
Probably the first real big sex scandal in American history
Deprived America of Alexander Hamilton, as he never held office again
TJ had 6 kids with his one of his slaves, Sally Hemmings, starting around 1787
Example of owners and slaves creating Mulatto children
Created a controversy in the late 20th century over adding this fact to history curriculum
Important example of historical bias favoring founding fathers
Wednesday, May 28, 2014
By Noah Schechter
Columbus and the Conquistadors
January 14, 1806
Ben Franklin Meets with Loose Women?
Upon coming to America, Columbus and his men, as well as other conquistadors like Cortez and Juan Ponce de Leon and their men, often... mixed with native women
Created mixed race kids, usually Mestizos
First real genetic change in the New World
Ben Franklin enjoys the company of immoral women
Biographer reports Ben admitted to meeting with one, sometimes 2 prostitutes a night
Says it helped his writing process for Poor John's Almanac
Maybe just an excuse, but maybe it actually helped him to achieve success, like JFK later on
The History of American Affairs and Sex Scandals
Gilded Age Tribune May 16, 1884
Grover Cleveland has 2nd Family?
The Antebellum Times May 3, 1831
Democratic Party Splits Thanks to Peggy Eaton
Peggy Timberlake has affair with John Eaton, then marries him
Peggy Eaton not accepted by cabinet members' wives, and AJ promotes John Eaton to Sec. of War
Most cabinet members resign, and MVB replaces JCC as VP
Calhoun becomes senator in SC and fights for nullification rights, which leads to SC secession eventually
Peggy Eaton caused Civil War
Without the affair, JCC is president and Union probably splits
Grover may have had kid out of wedlock who was orphaned when mother went to insane asylum
Used against him in 1884 election, but he still won
Blaine would've won if the Reps. didn't alienate Catholics
Corrupt Government Daily Journal May 16, 1923
Harding Cheats?
WGH had a couple affairs
Far from the worst thing he did (or didn't do) as president
You'd think the stress relief could help him do his job better
Thanks for Fordney-McCumber Tariff and immigration restrictions bro
The New Deal Press May 16, 1941
FDR is Unfaithful, Nobody Cares
Numerous affairs throughout his presidency, such as one with his distant cousin
Rumors circulated here and there during his presidency but none came to fruition until after his death
Example of political marriage (FDR and Eleanor)
Pls Come Back South Carolina Tribune Dec. 21, 1860
Another Reason to Hate James Buchanan
Probably had homosexual affair with his VP, William Rufus King
Maybe he did nothing about SC because he was distracted by this beautiful man ----------->
The Magic Bullet Times Dec. 21, 1963
JFK is the Envy of Men Everywhere
Holy god this guy got around
Marilyn Monroe ------------------>
Mimi Alford was a returning mistress that JFK met with to help him in times of stress (most notably Cuban MC)
Judith Exner was connected to Sam Giancana and the mob
Secret Service would find girls for JFK and keep Jackie away
Camelot maybe wasn't as perfect as it seemed
Jackie got her revenge by marrying a billionaire JFK was jealous of
Pointless Slide Journal Dec. 21, 1980
John Schmitz Enjoys College Girls?
Leader of ultra-conservative John Birch Society has numerous affairs with college students
Lol ---------------------------------->
Pointless Slide Journal Jan.27, 1976
Hero Dies Mid-Conquest, Woman Scarred for Life
Nelson Rockefeller, G. Ford's VP, died while having an affair with a 25 year old woman
He was 76
Clinton Era Daily News Jan.27, 1996
Newt Gingrich Cheats
Leader of Republican Revolution cheats on his wife by having numerous affairs and by sexually assaulting workers
Once again, Republican party loses moral credibility
Clinton Era Daily News Jan.27, 1998
Clinton Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman
Clinton received oral sex from Monica Lewinski on multiple occasions
Monica "tripped" up when she told her friend Linda about it
Linda Tripp told the authorities
Led to Clinton's impeachment but later acquittal by the Senate
Hurt Gore in next election when Clinton actively supported him
Lewinski's dress with the incriminating evidence on it.
New Millennium Press May 27, 2008
While Wife is Dying of Cancer, John Edwards Has Affair
2008 Democratic candidate John Edwards cheated on his wife
She had terminal cancer
He didn't become president...
Black President Daily Journal May 27, 2011
Anthony Weiner Takes Advantage of New Technology
NY congressman and former NYC mayor candidate got caught sending sexts to various women through Twitter
I guess that's historically significant because politicians are finding new ways to be unfaithful?
At least he learned his lesson..............
The Daily Gerrymanderer June 27, 2012
Herman Cain Pulls a Tiger Woods
Hermain Cain was frontrunner for Republican presidential nomination until...
Women accused him of sexual assault
Like, a lot of women
The Last Physical Newspaper on Earth Times June 27, 2013
Anthony Weiner Fools Us Twice
He did the same thing again, and got caught again; this time using the pseudonym, Carlos Danger
He did this while running for mayor of NYC
He dropped out after the scandal
Who keeps reading this guy's DM's?
Cash and Carry Today June 27, 1938
2/2 White House Roosevelt's Are Into Women
Liked the ladies just as much as her husband/cousin, apparently
Proof of the political marriage that her and FDR had
The Civil Rights Inquirer June 27, 1963
Elijah Muhammad Goes Against Everything He's Ever Said
Elijah had a lot of other kids with a bunch of other woman
This was basically the last straw for Malcolm X, who then left the NoI
Malcolm X was later killed by angry NoI members, and Civil Rights Movement lost a strong leader
Boston Globe March 9, 2002
Abuse in the Catholic Church
There have been numerous sexual abuse cases within the Catholic church since the 90's
Usually covered up with non-public court cases and undisclosed settlements
Church lost a lot of credibility
(Boston Globe won Pulitzer for this report)
Red Sox Won the Series This Year Journal Nov. 13, 2007
Disgraced Pastor is Going to Go to a Remote Cabin With 4 Other Sexually Starved Men for 3 Weeks to Cure His Gayness
Ted Haggard preached traditional Christian values, and encouraged his legion of followers to vote against gay marriage
He also did crystal meth with a gay hooker in motel rooms for 2 years
Hurts the political power of the church
The Civil Rights Activist's Daily Journal April 14, 1969
MLK Cheats, FBI Knows
MLK liked women
JFK knew that MLK liked women
JFK's administration used evidence of his affairs to blackmail MLK and monitor him
They were afraid MLK could be connected to communists early on
Sources I Plagerized From

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