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ya lit

No description

cat dog

on 20 January 2012

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Transcript of ya lit

Super Summarizer Literary
Luminator cool connector Essential Question:
How far will people go
to fit in?

What are consequences
of not fitting in? artsy artist Idea Investigator:
Discussion Director Word Wizard:
"viral rumors... were incubaing in the halls" (chapt. 49)
"my brains will detonate" (chapt. 69)
"reincarnated" (chapt. 78)
"lost it in a very controlled way" (chapt. 8)
"Chip and his minions" (chapt. 73)
One of the habits of a good reader : asking questions One of the seven habits of a good reader : Visualizing One of the seven habits of a good reader: Making connections answer Twisted is a 2007 nevel by Lauri Halse Anderson about a teenage boy named Tyler Miller. The plot revolves around Tyler's experiences in his community after committing a crime at his high school which earned him a negative repuitation. Tyler Miller goes from a nobody to a popular high school senior after he gets arrested for doing graffiti on the school. Tyler ends up with one of the most popular girls at school named Bethany Milbury, who is also Tyler's dad's boss's daughter. After attending a wild high school party with her, Tyler Miller finds himself as the prime suspect in a scandal involving Bethany and her nude pictures on a website. Everyone thinks Tyler is the culprit, and his life instantly takes a turn for the worse. Facing a serious charge, Tyler sets out not only to fix his reputation, but his entire life as well. During this novel, Tyler continues to play a video game called Tophet, which he happens to get stuck on whenever there is a problem in his life. When he finally solves his problems, he completes the game. Tyler Miller - Protagonist
Bathany Milbury - Tyler's beautiful and popular love interest
Hannah Miller - Tyler's chic younger sister
Yoda (Calvin) - Tyler's dorky best freind
Chip Milbury - Antagonist, Bethany's brother and Tyler's mortal enemy Important Characters Teen and Peer Pressure For a teen to develop self-esteem, he must have access to his own friends. And he must be able to return to a family that provides him with guidance,
open communication and a curiosity about his experience without being intrusive or overly critical. A child develops his own way
of relating to himself and to
friends and teachers based
upon parental and social
influences. Peer Pressure and Illegal Activities Teens will often feel pressured into doing something outrageous
to impress people or to try to gain friends. Tyler, in this case, spray
paints the school to try to gain friends. He thinks that if he does
something such as this then people might think he's cool, but he ends
up spelling some swears wrong because he is rushing through the
act. After making this mistake and then getting arrested because of it
no one wants to be involved with a criminal. How does Tyler's decision to vandalize the school relate to his social status? If Tyler never vandalized the school how wouold his life have turned out differently? Would it be better or worse? How would the story have been different if TYler's father had acted differently throughout it? Many highschoolers feel insecure about themselves and their social status. Some do not know how to properly deal with these insecurities and take extreme measures to attempt to alleviate their emotional turmoils. In Twisted, Tyler's insecurities drove him to the point where he almost committed suicide. Near the end of the novel, Tyler comes scarily close to shooting himself. 60% of all suicides in the United States make use of a gun, 19.3% of all highschool students have seriously considered killing themselves, and it is believed that 25 suicides are attempted for every one suicide that is completed. (National Institute of Mental Health ) The novels Thirteen Reasons Why and Twisted both adress the issue of teenage insecurity and suicide. Hannah Baker felt insecure about the false reputation that she had gotten from ignorant people at her school, and her insecurities drove her to commit suicide. Although Tyler did not actually commit suicide he came scarily close to shooting himself to end the emotional turmoil that came from dealing with the lies of his peers. Tyler was insecure and almost followed in Hannah's footsteps instead of finding another way to deal with his problems. Page 75
Chapter 28 This page exemplifies the awkward relationship that Tyler has with his mother. Most of their talks are strained and his mother doesn't understand, or even try to understand, her son. Page 160
Chapter 58 This paragraph shows the reader
how Tyler feel about his father. Page 238
Chapter 75 This is the scene in which Tyler finally looses it and lashes out before yelling at his father.
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