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Eco Children's Home, Nepal

Organizational Development Project

Heidi Charlebois

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Eco Children's Home, Nepal

Organizational Development Project • Evaluate and re-tool the current volunteer program • Work with staff to develop an efficient and effective record-keeping system • Implement a monitoring and evaluation program Project Objectives: background information Design and Implementation Impact Schedule Budget Monitoring and evaluation Heidi Charlebois Kevin Taylor Colin Seger Hoi Dao QUESTIONS
May 26th: Arrive in Pokhara
May 27th – June 5th: Integrate/Act as a volunteer
June 5th –June 15th: Help create record keeping system
June 15th – June 20th: Interview staff for volunteer satisfaction
June 20th – June25th: Help staff establish volunteer curriculum
June 25th – June 29th: Ensure staff are confident and satisfied with new skills
June30th: Leave
July 6th-August 6th: Establish volunteer information sharing webpage
August 6th – January 2nd: Monitor volunteer webpage
January 3rd – January 20th: Evaluation
January 23rd – May 7th: Compile data, revise plan if necessary
Weak social safety net Women and children face particular challenges Effects of violent conflict Helping at-risk children in Pokhara Two Goals:
Improved Volunteer Utilization
Improved Donor Relations

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