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Electra Bike

Ur mom. :P

Justin Niu

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Electra Bike

Competition I think that the main competition will be cars. Most people will chose cars because cars are faster and have air conditioning. The Electra Bike is eco friendly and doesn't require gas or electricity. It is a bike that powers it's self. The concept is shown below. The Electra Bike is made for hilly areas that are remote or have high gas prices. That is because gas prices would cost too much for a car. You need hills for this to work because then you can brake. By: Justin Niu Justin Inc. Innovative ideas come to life The Electra Bike Basically, an electrical motor is also a generator. If you connect the motor to a bike wheel and wire it to a battery, the bike will charge the battery as you pedal. This also works the other way and the battery can also power the bike. If you turn this, it will generate electricity. Obviously,if you were to attach the generator directly on the wheel, it would be too hard to pedal. That is why the generator is attached to the brake system. If you press the brake, the generator will attach to the wheel and slow it down. Location What you need Bike parts
Electric motors
Lithium-ion batteries with USB port
Braking system
A building
A factory The battery also has a USB plug to charge other devices. Advertisement The Electra Bike is an eco friendly bike that runs on electricity.
It doesn't require electricity. The secret is when you brake. A motor attaches to the wheel and generates power which is stored in a lithium ion battery. There is a USB plug in the battery
so you can charge your devices and ride your bike. The End This will cost about $1,000,000
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