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ALA15: Rip us off: Six marketing ideas you can steal and use

No description

Multnomah County Library

on 12 May 2016

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Transcript of ALA15: Rip us off: Six marketing ideas you can steal and use

Tina Thomas
Director - Marketing, Communications and Fund Development Division
Edmonton Public Library

Jeremy Graybill
Marketing + Online Engagement Director
Multnomah County Library

Rip us off:

thank you.
Q & A
Ask us anything.
Six Marketing Ideas You Can Steal
and Use at Your Library

Ad Hacks - Using our Assets
Ad hacks (Jeremy)
Signage & Wayfinding
Ad hacks (Jeremy)
User experience as marketing (My Librarian)
Promoting content
EPL Picks:
Promoting stuff
& people
Ad hacks (Jeremy)
Social media
EPL Picks

YOU Can Do It!
YOU are Knowledgeable …
& Interesting
Inviting Community Contributors
Yukon Jack – Radio Host
Focus on High Demand Items
Integrated Campaign - Online
Integrated Campaign - Branch
Integrated Campaign - Website
Outdoor Advertising
We Share. So Can You

The Results Speak!
Use Increases
Promoting E- Content
Interior Signage Sample

Bring our Brand Inside
Help Customers Feel Smart

Revised Approach

Is This What Customers Should Expect?
Standard Tools
Common Themes
Save Money!
Use Your Own Space
If you share it,
they will take it.
1. Free-Standing Displayers
2. In-isle Displayers
3. Shelf-Ends
4. Shelf Blocks
5. Big Ts, Snap Frames
6. Common Themes

Social media is a cornerstone of any marketing strategy.
User experience is the new marketing.
Music + 121%
Movies + 81%
Music +101%
The Results Speak
Increased Web Page Traffic
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