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Tupac Cold Case

A cold case about Tupac the rapper.

Andres Diaz

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of Tupac Cold Case

There were no witnesses and
the investigators stated that
there was no evidence. shsu Tupac Tupac was born in June 16, 1971. He grew up in the east Harlem section of Manhatten In New York City. He moved to Marin City, California
at the ag the of seventeen. He started rapping
in the early 1990's
in an underground
rapping place. He got invlolved with a really violent
east/west coast rap war. On November 30, 1994 Tupac got shot
five times while entering the lobby of
Quad Recording Studios. He took two bullets to the head, two in the groin, and one in the nuts. He some how survived the brutal attack. Two years later, he got assasinated
in his black BMW on his way to a new bar that had opened up.The killer was driving a white Cadillac. He took four fatal shots
to the chest. The driver, one of Tupac's good friends,
got shot in the head. He drove them to the
hospital with a bullet wound in his head.
Once the ambulance picked them both up
and took them both to the hospital. Tupac's
last words were "I can't breathe man! I cant breathe!"
Hi, I'm Andres
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