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No description

Afia Arif

on 9 May 2012

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Transcript of Impressionism

Impressionism! The Art That Exemplifies The Beauty Of The Real World! Afia Arif!
Jennie Cole!
Laura Hickey!
Shreya Jain! You ask.. What is Impressionism?! Born in Paris, France
Influenced by Realism & Classicism
Goal: To capture over all effect of a real situation on a canvas through light and color Histoire! Claude Monet, Woman in a Garden 1867 Before Impressionism Academie des Beaux-Arts Religious or Historic themes
Few landscape and still life
Polished, brush strokes suppressed
Norm for all pictures Salon de Paris Academie held it annually
Artists had a chance to raise prestige and win prizes Example Jacques-Louis David, The Death Of Socrates, 1787 The Rise Of Impressionism Younger artists started to rebel Painted brighter and lighter
Were more interested in painting landscape and contemporary life Paysage au bord du Lez, Frederick Bazille, 1870 Salon de Paris rejected their work The Radical Impressionists En Plein Air- The idea of painting outside to capture the light, atmosphere and vibrant color Rejected religious and historical themes and painted still lifes and landscape Monet Some Founders Soleil Levant, Claude Monet, 1872 Renoir Pissarro Sisley Manet (1860-1880) La Loge(The Theatre Box), Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1874 Landschaft bei Pontoise, Camille Pissarro 1874 Molesey Weir(Morning), Alfred Sisley, 1874 Im Cafe-concert, Edouard Manet, 1878 In 1863, Napolean III decreed that it should be up to the public to judge the paintings. The Salon des Refuses (Salon of the Refused) was formed. 30 artists attended. Name Impressionism derived from Monet's Sunrise painted in 1872 Art critic Louis Lenroy had called his painting unfinished mockingly saying that all the artists are Impressionists. The artists instead of backing down took on the name defiantly. Impressionism Spreads! The first exhibition was held in 1874
After 1874 many more Impressionist exhibitions were held
Napolean III helped Impressionism by beautifying Paris in 1853, even though it occurred before Impressionism it helped it to flourish into an art movement.
Initially the public disapproved of impressionism but grew to accept it because it gave a fresh perspective to the natural world Impressionism made Paris into a great art center and also promoted cafes where artists could meet and create new ideas. Father Of Impressionism Artist With The Rainbow Palette Drew Everything English Impressionist Decline Of Impressionism New Techniques Impasto- Thick paintstrokes that make the painting appear to be 3D Broken Brushwork- paint applied in irregular patches and not blended smoothly so that individual strokes are visible and colors are vibrant Persuaded the other Impressionists to paint "en plein air" Painted people enjoying themselves in everyday life, not in stiff poses Paintings captured various effects of sunlight Painted same scene in various condtions Paintings are everyday views of quiet French villages and riverside scenery Leader of Impressionists Never showed his work in exhibitions Black Paint Post Impressionism in 1886 Followed suit to Impressionism's pattern of defying previous art movement More emotional and went beyond the capability Impressionism had to express color and light What Lead to the Decline..? Most Impressionists saw financial decline
Monet, Sisley, and Renoir quit the exhibitions to be able to participate in the Salon
Disagreements when Realists were allowed to join the Exhibitions.
Leading Impressionists (Monet, Renoir, Sisley, Morisot) divided In the end Impressionism became a common art in the Salon... Even though it was diluted. Caracteristiques! Painted "En Plein Air" Does anyone remember what that is? Yes that's right, it is painting outside to capture the full effect. The main goal of En Plein Air was to capture the light and it's effect that it had at that given moment. Characteristics! Strokes Impasto Colors Theme NO Black Realistic Everyday Casual Greys are used for undertones Black is NEVER used Except for Edouard Manet, he never stopped using black paint "The Cup Of Tea" Mary Cassatt 1879 "The Garden in the Rue Cortot" Auguste Renoir 1874 VERY vibrant Colors rarely mixed Colors that suggest shadows and reflect light Purple
etc. "Meadow" Alfred Sisley 1875 Expresses emotion Expresses artist's personality Human pereception Sense of movement Depth “Coach at Louveciennes" Camille Pissarro 1870 Napolean III helped Impressionism by beautifying Paris Short Thick "Rue Montorguiel, Paris" Claude Monet 1878 "In the Dining Room" Berthe Morisot 1886 Review! What is Impasto? Why did the Impressionists use Impasto? En Plein Air? Why was black never used? What did the Impressionists want to capture on their canvas? What kind of colors did they use? Works Cited!
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