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Uma Panchal & Destiny Nieves

No description

lib hist

on 7 September 2018

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Transcript of Uma Panchal & Destiny Nieves

Mitchell Paige and Leroy Petry
M.P.: Born: August 31, 1918
L.P.: Born: July 29, 1979
Leroy Petry
Leroy Petry Facts
Lost his right hand in the battle
39 years old
Served from 1999-2014
Former President Barack Obama awarded him with the Medal of Honor.
He has three brothers.
Mitchell Paige Facts
Mitchell Paige
Mitchell Paige's Characteristic
Mitchell Paige exhibited many characteristics to earn the medal of honor, but the characteristic that stood out the most to me during my research was citizenship. Mitchell Paige could have retreated or ran and hid during the war, but because of his loyalty to our country, he kept fighting alone. It must have been traumatizing to see all his comrades die or get injured, and even more frightening to find himself alone, but he kept on fighting for his country and stayed loyal to it and his duty.
Mitchell Paige is the author of an autobiography called "A Marine named Mitch."
He was the liaison officer from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society to the FBI.
He worked with an assigned special agent exposing Medal of Honor imposters.
He enlisted after high school, during the Great Depression, when it was difficult to find a job.
When he was 17 he "walked 200 miles to try and join the Marines at a recruiting station in Baltimore but they turned him down. He returned at 18, and got was admitted.
Mitchell Paige was commanding a machinegun section when the "enemy broke through the line directly in front of his position (http://www.pbs.org/weta/americanvalor/stories/paige.html)." He continued to fire until all the people working with him had either died or been injured. Then, he alone fired his weapon over and over again. Once reinforcements finally arrived, he began a new line and led a bayonet charge. This drove the enemy back and prevented an opening in our lines. Mitchell Paige stayed completely loyal to his duty and never once stopped doing it for his country and all the people in it.
Leroy Petry's Characteristics
Leroy Petry's acts would be considered as sacrifice because when the enemy threw a grenade at him and his comrades, he picked up the grenade and threw it back at the enemy. In the process of throwing it back, Leroy's hand was blown off.
Movie Script
Uma Panchal & Destiny Nieves
For his acts on May 26th, 2008, in the far east of Afghanistan, near the border of Pakistan, Leroy Petry was awarded the Medal of Honor. Helicopters came down and shot Leroy in both legs. He was bleeding badly. A grenade blew up right next to him, injuring Leroy's two friends. Once a second grenade landed, it was only a few feet away. Instead of taking cover or hiding, he lunged forward, toward the live grenade. He grabbed it and threw it across the battlefield. As the grenade left his hand, it blew up and severed his hand.
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