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Respectful Classroom Intervention

No description

Xai Lee

on 24 March 2016

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Transcript of Respectful Classroom Intervention

Xai Lee
SPED 530
Problem Identification
"Mr. Robby"
Overt conversations
while teacher is teaching
High school level

Materials: respectful classroom poster
How will data be collected?
Assign points to each behavior
i.e. 5 points each behavior; 20 total points per day; 100 points per week

For each rule violated, two points is taken away

Student complaints (about points taken away) results in deduction
of additional points

As a whole class, >240 points must have been earned after the 3-weeks
On average 80% of points earned per week
Optional: Chartdog
Three week intervention

Respectful Classroom

Fidelity (Integrity)
Engage students in the point process by having a point chart at the front of the room
Once per week hand out student self-monitoring slips (as an exit ticket)
"Think about how well your behavior in class conformed to the Respectful Classroom expectations"
Students rate their behavior globally on the slip
Steps of Intervention Implementation:
Select an incentive that students can earn as a group
A class period of free gym time, once every three weeks, if earned
Set aside at least 15 minutes at the start of class to introduce the Respectful Classroom program
Give examples (in and out of compliance)
Role play & discuss what respectful behaviors look like
Answer any questions student may have about how each behavior is defined
Steps of Intervention Implementation:
Steps of Intervention Implementation:
Once the program begins:
Select behavior to focus on (each class)
2 minutes to remind students & review
Single out >3 students and give them praises for using the behavior showcased
If a student violates one of the posted rules, call student's attention to the fact that s/he broke a rule
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