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No description

Henry Freebourn

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Globalizationism

Focus on worldwide issues as much if not more so than domestic issues.
Thematic focus on technology, particularly digital.
Nativism less highly regarded
Incorporation of diverse cultures from across the globe is common.
Thematic focus on acceptance, tolerance, and humanitarianism
Compared to Postmodernism
Continues postmodernist trend of addressing with social injustices and encouraging progress.
Imagines future in same style as postmodernism.
Diverse cultures.
Rapid technological advancements led to technology as a common theme in this era.
Digital technology- computers, cell phones, etc.
Period 0
Henry Freebourn
Important figures of the time period:
Stephen Hawking- physicist, genius, famous scientist, quadriplegic. He has published multiple books.

Globalizationism deals with an age fueled by the internet, while the internet was only in its earliest stages as postmodernism was drawing to an end.
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