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Copy of The Importance of Sport and Recreation Activities to the Public Services

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lindsay lewis

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Importance of Sport and Recreation Activities to the Public Services

Angling,Athletics,Badminton,Basketball,Boxing,Canoeing,Cricket,Cycling,Football,Gliding,Golf,Hang Gliding and Paragliding,Judo,Modern Pentathlon & Triathlon,Rifle Association,Rugby League,Rugby Union,Sailing,Shinty,Swimming, Diving & Water Polo,Telemark Skiing,Tennis,Triathlon and Windsurfing
Armed Forces
Angling, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Crown Green Bowls, Curling, Cycling, Flat Green Bowls, Fly Fishing, Football, Golf - Ladies, Golf - Men, Hockey - Ladies, Hockey - Men, Indoor Sports, Judo, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Power lifting, Lacrosse, Netball, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Sailing, Sea Angling, Snow Sports, Squash & Racketball, Swimming & Water Polo, Tennis - Ladies, Tennis - Men, Triathlon, Volleyball
Police Force
Angling, Athletics, Badminton, Bowls, Cricket, Cycling, Football, Golf, Ice Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Sailing, Squash & Racket ball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Triathlon, Walking, Waterpolo, Volleyball
Fire Service
Cricket, football, Basketball, tennis, billiards, netball, Self defense, Martial art's(Judo, karate, Mixed martial arts), Racket ball, Walking, Running, Swimming activities(water polo) , Triathlon
Prison Service
Health, Fitness and Wellbeing is important to the public services because if they offer sport their employees will have more stamina to catch criminals(police force), their employees will be happy because their healthy leading to a better life for the individual and that would greatly affect their wellbeing
Importance - Health, Fitness and Wellbeing
Army Archery Association,Army Mountaineering Association ,Army Parachute Association,Army Rifle Association,Army Tenpin Bowling Association and the Army Tug of War Association
Recreation Activities
Clay Pigeon Shooting, Shooting Sessions, Snooker, table tennis, Slot machines, Bowling league's, Hiking, Ultimate Frisbee and gym
Recreation Activities
Clay Target Shooting, The world firefighters games, Leisure club, Museum visits, Historical location's visits, Fire Service Sports and Athletics Association, Gym, Library visit's
Recreation Activities
Workshops, Advising prisoners, Religious activities(places to pray), Educational activities(library visit's), Puzzle's, Gym's, Music activities(learn instruments)
Recreation Activities
If someone in the public services has low self esteem it could lead them to a bad life, E.G. because the employee has low self esteem they may never want to give any effort to their job because they are afraid to fail therefore their bosses might think of them as a bad worker however if the employees in the public services had high self esteem and they put a large effort in their job it could lead to them getting promoted and earning more money, eventually leading them to a better life
Self Esteem
Public services that offer sport and recreation activity will lead to enhanced productivity because their employees are fitter and can work longer and do a better job, also because they are offering recreation activities it keeps their employees social and happy making them want to work harder leading to enhanced productivity
Enhanced Productivity
It is important for public services to offer sport and recreation activity so it can enhance staff loyalty, It will enhance staff loyalty because the employees are doing sport with the people they work for and work with leading to them making friends, becoming social and getting along making them loyal to the ones they work for and work with.
Staff Loyalty
By the public services offering sport and recreation activities it will make their employees healthier leading to less sick days and a longer life, also because it makes them more social their employees ill want to come to work with the friends they make
Reduced staff absenteeism
Public services that offer sport and recreation activities will have have a healthier workforce, the police force will be fitter helping them to catch more criminals, it will help the fire service put out fires because they are fitter, healthier and faster, the armed forces will become stronger, improved reaction leading to less deaths and the prison service will also become stronger and nicer helping with prisoner interactions
Healthier Workforce
Team morale and becoming a team player can only be improved by doing sport and recreation activity, because the public services offer them their employees will work tougher more often helping them develop friendships and becoming loyal to each other also they learn to depend on each other increasing team moral and teaching each other to becoming a team player
Team morale, Team player
It is important the public services offer sport and recreation activities so their employees can become more physically fit, by the employees becoming more physically fit they can do a better job because it will make them faster, stronger and healthy witch all public service workers need
Physically fit
It is important for public service workers to be mentally fit and by offering sport and recreation activities it helps increase their mental fitness. By the employees being mentally fit they are more likely to react in a better way to a dead body or a burning house, if they were not mentally fit and they seen these things it could affect their life in bad ways, e.g. quitting their jobs and in some cases committing suicide
Mentally fit
Sport and recreation activity will help improve communication and by doing so their employees can do a better job. If the police force were not to communicate it could lead to cases becoming unsolved so by doing sport their communication will increase making their employees asking for advice, giving advice and working together in a more advanced basis
Sport and recreation activities improve fitness and health, helping towards passing fitness test that public service may make people take. The police force make their applicants take a bleep test and by being unfit you can not pass that, but by doing sport it will make you fit enough to pass that bleep test
Passing fitness tests
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