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Canto XXII: The Barrators

No description

Aaron Muller

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Canto XXII: The Barrators

Canto XXII: The Barrators
Canto XXII: The Barrators
Canto 22 is in the eighth circle of hell, in the fifth pouch.
Sinners here are guilty of the crime of barratry (Grafters)
The punishment for these sinners is having to swim in boiling pitch (tar) for eternity.
Dante and Virgil are guided through this canto by a troop of demons (Malebranche)
One of the demons, Grafficane, pulls a nameless sinner out of the pitch, who tells Dante about himself and answers his questions.
The sinner later tricks the demons and escapes their torment
Two of the demons fall into the pitch trying to catch him
State representative of the 27th congressional district of Texas (Missouri City)
Convicted of Barratry ("ambulance chasing")
Had been convicted of the same crime last year
Still acting member of the Texas Houst of Representatives.
The Sinner: Texas State Representative Ron Reynolds
The Crime: Barratry
Barratry, commonly known as "ambulance chasing", is the act of lawyers using an event (e.g an injury) to pick up clients.
Ron Reynolds was working in accordance with a man named Robert Valdeze
Mr. Valdeze would look through incident reports, and coerce them into taking up legal representation with Ron Reynolds.
Reynolds would represent the individuals, sue the person who "caused" their injury, and then get money for winning the case.
Barratry is normally a misdemenor, but since Ron has done it twice it is now a third degree felony with a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and an eternity in a vat of boiling tar.
The Punishment: Eternal Ambulance Chasing
The sinner is condemned to an eternity of being forced to run after a flaming ambulance containing all of his past clients. If at any point during his infinite run the sinner ceases running or slows down enough, he runs the risk of being pitchforked by one of the demons of the Malebranche. The sinner will be kept at such a distance from the ambulance that he is constantly licked by the flames exploding out of the back doors, and every so often a flaming judicial summons will fly out and melt to the skin of the sinner.
Demon's of the Malebranche
Malacoda (Evil Tale, Leader)
Alichino (the harlequin)
Barbariccia (curly beard)
Cagnazzo (nasty dog)
Calcabrina (Grace Stomper)
Cirriato (wild hog)
Scarmiglione (trouble maker)
Graffiacane (Dog Scratcher)
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