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Night Vocabulary Words

These are the words I will expect you to know while/after reading Night by Elie Wiesel.

Susie Fox

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Night Vocabulary Words

Night Vocabulary Words (Sections 1-3) Before we began reading Night, you learned... you also learned who the Nazis German members of Adolf Hitler's political party.
Followed Hitler's orders to round up and kill all the Jews, Gypsies, and other "undesireables." Aryan Race Light skin
Light eyes
Good health
Symmetrical face
No "disabilities" (mental or physical)
No "flaws" (percieved or real)
genocide scapegoats Orthodox Neo-Nazis "New" Nazis
"White power!" Comes from Greek word "holokaustos",
which means "burnt sacrifice" or "calamity."
Refers to the murder of 6-11 million European Jews and others during World War 2. bystanders conform groupthink Auschwitz all about the Holocaust were. another word we heard frequently when talking about the Holocaust was The systematic killing/massive slaughter of a racial or cultural group stereotype identity discrimination the Nazis were a perfect example of what it means to... to go along with a social influence
to just "do what everyone else is doing" ...conformity connects with the idea of A type of thought within a group whose members try to avoid conflict and reach an agreement without critically testing, analyzing, or evaluating ideas
Individual creativity, uniqueness, and independent thinking are lost in the pursuit of group unity our talk about the Aryan Race led to the subject of ...who still firmly believe that the Aryan Race is the most important. a person who is blamed for something that he or she did not do. Some historians say that Hitler disliked the Jews partly because he believed they were the cause of a lot of the world's problems, making them... in class, you also learned about Ordinary people who played it safe. As citizens, they obeyed the laws and tried to avoid the terrorizing activities of the Nazis.

They wanted to get on with their daily lives. During the war, the world's response toward the murder of millions of people was not very large.

Bystanders may have remained unaware, or perhaps were aware of victimization going on around them, but, being fearful of the consequences, chose not to take risk to help Nazi victims. The very first thing we talked about was who you are
who others percieve you to be we learned early in the book that Eliezer, the narrator, is an Jew, and that is how he identifies himself while growing up. Greek word that literally means 'right teaching' or 'right worship'
Very religious
Strict beliefs and rituals in the first few sections of the book, the Jews are taken in cattle cars to The first concentration camp that Eliezer talks about in Night.
Larger than 5,000 football fields Hitler managed to convince everyone that all Jews are the same. This kind of thinking is what people do when they form a... An exaggerated belief about a group/race/ethnicity/culture/etc. that can be positive or negative.
A generalization that says everyone in a particular group has the same characteristics or qualities stereotypes are often the first step on the way to those are the important vocabulary words that I have so far... Are there any more that you would like to add? You also learned about "what it takes" to be part of the...
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