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Curriculum Materials Center

Tour of the resources, materials, and services available in the Curriculum Materials Center at Peabody Library.

Lara Beth Lehman

on 21 September 2010

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Transcript of Curriculum Materials Center

Curriculum Materials Center
Peabody Library
Rooms 307 & 302 Big Books Textbooks Leveled Readers Die Cuts are located
in room 306 Schedule a class
orientation CD-ROMs & DVDs Card Sets Maps Youth Collection Hands-On
Materials puppets, blocks Please see Lara Beth in room 308 AA for assistance.
Or send her an email:
lb.lehman@vanderbilt.edu Need games, parachutes clocks, cubes,models inflatable letters, tiles, magnets assistance? Leveled Readers are located
in the back corner of room 307. You will find Teacher & Student editions of basal textbooks in the CMC. Many of these materials are being used in Metro nashville schools. There are lots of fiction & non-fiction big books available for checkout. Several of our curriculum
and textbook sets
include card sets.
Circulation & Access Policies We have CD-ROMs,
music & audio CD's,
as well as DVDs and
videos. Laminating U.S., World, and Tennessee maps in a variety of sizes & formats. The Children's & YA literature
collection is located in room 306. Materials in the Curriculum Materials Center circulate to faculty for 1 year; graduate students for 3 months; undergrads, alums, & staff for 4 weeks. Email Curriculum Materials Center Manager Lara Beth (lb.lehman@vanderbilt)
to set up a class tour/orientation of the collection. She will be more than happy to pull specific materials if you wish. Drop off items to be laminated at the service desk or with Lara Beth. Your order will be ready within a 24 hour turnaround. If you drop off items on the weekend, your order will not be ready until late Monday. The cost is $.30 per foot. Alphabets & numbers,
holidays, transportation,
fractions, 3D math shapes,
borders, people, animals,
and much more! Mouse over a section & click to view the information in each box.
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