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The Ottoman Empire: The Rise, Fall, and Fall-out

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Megan Waters

on 21 September 2016

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Transcript of The Ottoman Empire: The Rise, Fall, and Fall-out

The Rise, Fall, and Fall-Out
Rise (1400's-1600's)
• Ottomans conquered the powerful Byzantine Empire in the 1400’s
• Sultan Mehmet II expanded Ottoman to parts of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East
• Empire reached peak under the sultan Suleyman I (they conquered even more territory)

Decline (1680-1914)
• Late 1600’s: European troops fought back and ended the Ottoman’s expansion
• 1700-1900: Many nations fought Ottomans and won
• Government corruption, unfair taxes, inflation, and weak sultans contributed to the decline

End (1914-1922)
• Ottoman leaders allied with Germany before WW I in hopes of regaining power
• Germany (Central Powers) lost the war and the Ottoman Empire collapsed and ended in 1922.

Beginning (1300's)
• Began about 1300 C.E. when the Ottomans began to expand their empire.
• The Ottomans were Muslim Turkish tribes
• Empire began in Turkey and expanded by military force by Osman (1st sultan, or ruler)

Fallout (1918-Modern Times)
• European politicians divided the Ottoman up into the modern day countries we know today
• Problems resulted from the new borders
• Europeans did not pay attention to ethnic groups, existing borders, languages, culture, nationalism, etc. when they made new borders= REGIONAL CONFLICT! (still a problem today)
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