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Con el diablo adentro

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Transcript of Con el diablo adentro

she is Fernanda Andrade interpreter Isabella Rossi in the movie, is one of the main actresses the Simon Quarterman is who plays Ben: he is one of the exorcists the exorcist is Evan Helmuth which dominated the devil and got into the giving a tragic death Ionut Grama he is who plays Mike, who is a friend of Isabella Rossi and gravel entire sequence from the beginning she is Suzan Crowley who plays Maria Rossi, she is the main character and this devilish plot : The overall plot is this: In 1989, emergency services received a 112 call from Maria Rossi confessing that he had brutally killed three people. 20 years later, her daughter Isabella seeks to understand the truth about what happened that night and travels to the Centrino Hospital for mental depraved in Italy where her mother has been locked away to determine if you are mentally ill or possessed by demons. Isabel decides to recruit two young exorcists who could cure his mother using unconventional methods to combine science and religion and end up facing face to face with pure evil as four powerful demons possessing Maria. Many have been possessed by one, only one has been possessed by many. important scene of the movie : good scenes take place in four major exorcism of Maria Rossi, Isabella Rossi, The Cure, and a girl whom visited her to cure her of her exorsismo, which comes the name of the movie.
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