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NetBooster PPC

An introduction to NetBooster's PPC Product

Jonathan Crowe

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of NetBooster PPC

NetBooster Introduction to PPC The Team! PPC Accounts Telford Team Clare Bennett Jess Andrews Account Director Account Director Exact Match:
- Alice Wilkinson: Senior Editorial Manager
- Chris Golding: Account Manager
- Alison Booth: Account Manager
- Vicky Smith: Account Manager
- Mona Cameron: Editorial Manager
- Hoa Tran: Account Executive Team:
- Vicki Horsewood: Senior Editorial Manager
- Chris Moon: Account Manager
- Vikki Peirson: Account Manager
- Adam Forsyth: Account Manager
- Marion Rouby: Editorial Manager
- Stuart Arrowsmith: Account Executive London Team Sergio Borzillo Senior Account Manager Team:
- Chris Fryett: Technical Account Manager
- Matt Leaver: Account Executive 3 Search Engines,
2 Platforms,
1 approach Highly granular structure designed to maximise the relevancy between keyword & creative Thematic structure increases relevancy, whilst product related keywords are given an ad group per product Structure broken down further to by match type control how ads are delivered Exact Match: Your ad will only be displayed when the search query typed by the users is an Exact Match for your keyword Keyword:
[car insurance] Phrase Match: Your ad will only be displayed if the search query typed by the user contains the exact phrase of your keyword Keyword:
"car insurance" Broad Match Will display your ad if a users search query contains any of the words in your keyword, or the search query is (according to Google's interpretation) relevant to your keyword Keyword:
car insurance Quality Score: Quality Score is an estimate of how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing page are to a person seeing your ad. Quality Score x Keyword Bid = Ad Rank A higher quality score means you can achieve a higher rank for the same CPC, or the same rank for a lower CPC Reporting Growing search volumes on Mobile and Tablet devices requires account structure to reflect this Individual accounts allow for parity and specific optimisation Test, Test, Test Testing different ad text (creative messaging, price points, brand positioning, ad extensions etc.) helps improve CTR & landing page testing helps identify best converting pages! Technology Reporting & Analytics Optimisation Bid
Strategy Choose the right metric... True value of PPC... Set the right target... Portfolio bidding... A ‘Portfolio’ strategy focuses on maximising the volume whilst delivering an overall cost efficiency Reporting Performance Granular data:
Landing Page Don't just report performance, but gain actionable insights to further develop the account Reporting Metrics: Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) = Cost / Conversions
Return on Investment (ROI) = Revenue / Cost
% Cost of Sale (CoS%) = Cost / Revenue
Cost Per Click (CPC) = Cost / Clicks
Cost Per 1k Impressions (CPM) = Cost / (Impr. / 1k)
Conversion Rate (CR) = Conversions / Clicks
Click Through Rate (CTR) = Clicks / Impressions
Impression Share = Available Impr. / Actual Impr. PPC Commercials Typical Commercials:
Fixed (min) Fee
% Media Spend
Performance Bonus Google Tools AdWords Editor... Google Analytics... Google Trends... And Finally... Integrating PPC & SEO What drives traffic in SEO that is not being bid upon in PPC?
What terms with poor rank in SEO can be supported in PPC?
What keyword opportunities are emerging? (Search Query Report) Keywords Linking Using Placement reports from Google Display Network to identify highly relevant linking opportunities
Identify what types of content Google considers to be highly relevant to the subject matter Creative What creative works best in PPC? Can this improve click-through of natural listings when used as meta-tags? Landing Pages What makes a page good for SEO, makes it good for PPC!
Titles, tags, content, load time, etc.
How can the SEO team advise the PPC team on landing pages?
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