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Grand canal Theatre

Social science project

Sean Marry

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Grand canal Theatre

Grand Canal Theatre Developed in 2010 Idea for the theatre became a reality in 2003 the theatre has a 2000 seating capacity Development of the theatre began in 2007 inaugural performance at the theatre was "Swan Lake" by the Russian Ballet Only theatre in dublin to host........ West End Performance Shows Daniel Libeskind - Architect and Designer of Grand Canal Theatre "The Grand Canal Theatre is projected as a landmark that creates focus for its urban context, specifically the grand canal square. The concept of the Grand Canal Theatre and Commercial Development is to build a cultural presence expressed in dynamic sculpted to project a fluid and transparent dialogue with the cultural, commercial and residential surroundings" Grand Canal Theatre Has 3 Stages: 1 The stage of the Theatre 2 The waterfront of Grand Canal Harbour 3 and the stage of the lobby stage Grand canal theatre.... True Class stage stage Entrance to the Theatre Ways to get to the theatre Arial View of the theatre Grand Canal Hotel Grand canal hotel is a prime location a walking distance from Trinity College, The O2, The Aviva and Grafton Street great prices in the Grand Canal Hotel hotel stay, pre-show meal, free tickets all for €119 The Target Market All interest groups accomodated musicals, drama, opera, ballet, family shows, and classical concerts. "Circle Club" for wealthier, upper class societies Discounts for group bookings The stage of the piazza which is located at which is located above the piazza Competition Between Venues! Layout of the Venue The theatre's auditorium design concept was developed using shipbuilding imagery in reference to the former docklands area. The design of the theatre balances iconic architecture with all the requirements for a state-of-the-art touring theatre The theatre has a private conference room for hire, a fully accessible auditorium, a rooftop terrace with panoramic waterside views, in-house catering, seven bars including the exclusive Circle Club, cloakroom facilities and audio visual facilities Contexutalisation! Learning Personality “learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience”. Classical conditioning is a form of associative learning which was put forward by Ivan Pavlov The music acted as an unconditioned stimulus and the ballets acted as the conditioned stimuli under Pavlov's theory We associated a performance which told a story and was acted out through singing and dancing with different songs played by a large orchestra as a musical, such as The Sound of Music. Perception "defined as the process through which the consumer selects, organises, and interprets sensory stimuli, and builds them into meaningful wholes". make business in two ways The Theatre itself The show the Theatre is hosting ID of Theatre Differentiation
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