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Making Inferences/

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Heather Kozbiel

on 29 August 2018

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Transcript of Making Inferences/

Making Inferences/
Drawing Conclusions

Drawing Conclusions
Use information
from the text
Use past experiences
Your Literature book states when you "make inferences, you look at the information the author provides to make logical assumptions about what the author leaves unstated."
In other words, read between the lines to figure out what the author isn't telling you. When you do that, you are making an inference or drawing a conclusion
Now let's practice making inferences by watching commericals!
Doritos Commercial

1. What did the dog do?

2. How do we know?

3) What past experiences did we use?

4) How did he get away with it?

5) How do you know?
Happy Grad Commercial

1- What gift does the grad think he's receving?

2) How do you know?

3) What gift is he actually receving?

4) How do you know?

5) Who actually owns the car?

6) How do you know?

7) What clues/past experiences can we use to make this inference?
Darth Vader Commercial
1. What is the child trying to do in his costume?

2. How do you know?

3. What does the child think when the car starts?

4. How do you know?

5. How does the car actually start?

6. What background knowledge/prior experience did you use to make these inferences?
1. What are some clues that the dog needs to get in shape?

2. Why does he want to get in shape?

3. How do you know?

4. How does the dog get in shape?

5. How must the dog feel after accomplishing his goal?

6. How do you know?

7. How do you know that Darth Vader is mad at the end of the commercial?

8) Why does Darth Vader get mad?

Volkswagon Dog

Bandwagon Daddy
1) What inferences can be drawn from this commercial?

2) Why does "Daddy" need a dry erase helmet?

3) What clues or prior experiences lead you to believe this?

4) What do you think the word "bandwagon" means in this video?

5) How did you come up with this definition?
Goat For Sale
1) What was the goat's favorite snack?

2) Why does the goat destroy the house?

3) How do you know?

4) Why must the goat have been for sale?

5) How do you know?
Travelers Insurance Dog Bone
1) Why does the dog keep moving his bone?

2) How do you know?

3) How does the music help you make that inference?

4) How does the dog's mood change from start to finish?

5) How do you know?
Where's Dave?
1. What inferences can be drawn from this commercial?

2. What happened to Dave?

3. How do we know?

4. What clues or past experiences help us draw this conclusion?

Remember, readers who infer
Create unique understandings
Draw conclusions by making connections
Synthesize new ideas
Extended comprehension beyond literal meanings
Infer why characters behave in certain ways
Infer why things happen

Infer how characters are feeling
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