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Tara Davani

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Globalization

Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of globalization for your country and its citizens.
By Tara Davani, Anjali Padmanaban, Joey Plotkin, Nathan Medecke


of globalization for
your country and its citizens.
the process of the world becoming more connected and uniform
pop culture, technology, fashion, businesses, etc. spreading
Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of globalization for your country and its citizens.
Advantages and Disadvantages:
Pros vs. Cons
Positive vs. Negative
Our Country
The U.S. and American citizens
Anyone living in the U.S. or only legally recognized inhabitants
Analyze the
advantages and disadvantages
your country and its citizens
Effects of Globalization Worldwide
Globalization is the world becoming more uniform as a result of becoming more connected. This causes spreading of businesses, fashion, technology, ideas, etc. An example is Apple devices being used worldwide and McDonald's restaurants being found in many countries.
Though globalization provides
advantages for the United States and its citizens, it also includes
Globalization provides advantages...
Key Terms:
Discursive Thesis:
Technology is an important globalization tool to the United States. As technology like iPhones and other devices become more used among other countries, we become even more globalized and ideas spread farther even quicker. Before, one would have to wait for a handwritten letter from halfway across the planet, but now news is received almost instantly with the help of emails, phones, and the Internet.
Globalization is an advantage for U.S. citizens. Not just the legally recognized ones.
A citizen can be defined as anyone that inhabits the particular place where they are a citizen. Not all U.S. inhabitants are necessarily legal citizens. Globalization benefits immigrants that haven't lived in the U.S. their entire lives because they can adapt by making connections with similar things they know about. Immigrants may enjoy eating McDonald's because it's a familiar globally available restaurant, or they may enjoy certain popular translated movies. This helps everyone harmonize better because immigrants are not total strangers, but instead people who have experienced activities that spread from the U.S. due to globalization.
Globalization through the use of technology spreads ideas quickly
Globalization aids all types of U.S. citizens
Globalization has several negative affects on the United States and its citizens.
Some cultures or ethnic groups hate the idea of change and wish to remain independent from society.
Many traditional culture groups are still found throughout parts of the U.S. such as Amish settlements in the Northwestern area and tribes of Alaskan natives. These groups and others prefer to resist correlation with pop culture or technology as it would be against their beliefs. This can cause them to refuse medical treatment that could be life-saving because it's against their beliefs. Globalization makes it very difficult for these cultures to keep from modernizing over time. Often times these societies feel as though new age ideas are being forced on their people which causes unrest and anger within the society.
Claim/Student Idea:
Claim/Student Idea:
Globalization creates opportunities for capitalism through the importing and exporting of goods.
Claim/Student Idea:
Claim/ Student Idea:
Globalization has created the ability to purchase life changing goods for consumers. Originally the globalization of trade involved only trade in goods, but now we have an explosion of trade in services and in different financial industries. It has provided the flexibility of having many
alternatives at reasonable prices. This increases the production of capitalism, by using efficient methods. This economic growth enables a higher standard of living and increases job rate in every field.
Deadly diseases can spread to the United States from around the world.
Claim/Student Idea:
Globalization often leads to job loss in the U.S.
Though globalization creates an opportunity for large amounts of profit through the worldwide spread of goods, it causes job loss in developed countries like the US. American born countries like Nike, a booming brand that originated in Oregon, are choosing to outsource jobs to developing countries in order to increase their margin for profit. There are little to no labor laws in 3rd world countries such as China and Bangladesh therefore goods can be produced there for a much lower cost giving large companies reason to ditch there home countries in search for cheap labor. American workers are losing factory and other production style jobs to foreign countries due to the demand for products on a global scale.
Diseases can spread through travel such as airplanes, ships and animals that come into the U.S. An example is the outbreak of malaria, originally an African disease carried by mosquitoes. Another, more recent one, is ebola, also African. Though these diseases may not be very harmful where they originated, since our immune systems aren't accustomed to these bacteria/viruses, they may be deadly until we find a cure, which may not have been existent in the country of origin.
Claim/Student Idea:
Manufacturing jobs have decreased due to globalization
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This shows the negative side of globalization. Scientists predict the countries where the disease will spread to through analysis of air travel patterns.
The advantages of globalization in the U.S. appear to outweigh its disadvantages on the country itself and its citizens. Though some cultures may refuse modern ideas and there may be a loss in factory jobs, the overall ability for capitalism outweighs this. A minority of U.S. citizens are negatively affected by globalization while the majority of citizens prosper from its ability to spread ideas and unite a country.
Recycled Prompts:
1. Assess the influence of globalization on the family units in your society.

2. Discuss the significance of tourism for your country.

3. To what extent does video conferencing make international travel unnecessary
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