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Sarah Todrick Professional Educator Portfolio

Bachelor of Arts: Secondary Education Social Sciences; Current School: Global Outreach Charter Academy

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Sarah Todrick Professional Educator Portfolio

Welcome To Mrs. Todrick's Classroom!
Sarah Todrick's Contact Information
425-971- 7042
157 East New England Dr.
Elkton, Florida 32033
Welcome to my portfolio! For optimal viewing experience, please view in full-screen mode by clicking the button in the lower right-hand corner. To move forward or back, use the black slider bar and arrows at the bottom of your screen, or the left and right arrows on your keyboard. Thank you for taking your time to view this portfolio!
--Sarah Todrick
Letters of Recommendation
My Philosophy Of Education
School is so much more than memorizing facts, figures, and formulas. As an educator, I believe that my job is to not only instruct my students in content specific materials, but to equip them with the skills they will need to be productive, active members of their community. In addition to social studies, I strive to imbue in my students the following characteristics through leading by example:
critical thinking
conflict resolution
persuasive thinking and writing
civic involvement
Teaching Experience/ Qualifications
B.A. in Secondary Education: Social Sciences (Flagler College, Saint Augustine Florida, 2009)
Certification: Social Sciences 6-12 (Florida)
Professional Development Coordinator, Global Outreach Charter Academy (2013- Present)
Lead Social Studies Teacher, Global Outreach Charter Academy (2009-Present)
Middle School team leader (2010-present)
Future Goals
Master's Degree
National Board Certification
Gifted Endorsement
Extracurricular Responsibilities
Leadership Committee
Response to Intervention Committee
Student Tutoring
Field Trip Organization
Planning and administering Professional Learning Community meetings
Mentorship of first year teachers
An Average Day In Mrs. Todrick's Room
Write To Learn!
Students engage in formal and informal writing every day through journaling, free-writes, analytical and persuasive pieces.

Workshop Model
A typical class involves student led whole class instruction, group inquiry and/or discussion, and individual reflection and work.

Rigorous,differentiated high level thought
tudents have many different ways of learning, but all should be challenged beyond mere recall to true synthesis and analysis.
Students reflect on what they know, don't know, and why they might be struggling or succeeding.
Recent Professional Development
Teacher Observation Results
Example Lesson Plan/ Rubric
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