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Policies and Procedures

No description

Ashley Lax

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Policies and Procedures

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!
Hours of Operation
RIR operates
24/7 - 365
days a year
4:00PM - 6:00PM
Arrivals between 7:00AM and 10:00AM
Then again from 4:00PM until 6:00PM
9:00AM - 11:00AM
Then again from 4:00PM until 6:00PM
Core Shift Responsibilities
Morning Shift
Break It Down For Me, Please!
Break It Down For Me, Please!
RIR strives to make every guest's stay the best stay possible - with that said Hotel Caretakers ensure that all guests are
Fast paced environment - multi tasking and prioritize
Duties include:
Distributing dogs to the correct play parks
Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning!
Arrivals and Departures
Daycare breaks
Guests' Activities
Make sure you clock in so we can pay you
Walk-through with your fantastic Night Manager
Feed those puppies!!
Initial that you've fed your pups! Signing off on all sheets is
All pups must rest 20-30 minutes before rough housing
While you wait:
Pick up any dirty bowls
Entice guests to eat
Straighten all the rooms to ensure your cleaning is fast and efficient
Disperse all social puppies to the appropriate play parks
RIR prides itself on the beautiful and clean facility that we have.
It ensures not only our own health but the health of the guests!
Now we'll unfortunately talk about a whole bunch of
All rooms are cleaned every morning.
Additionally, rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized once a guest checks out.
Cleaning Non-Carpeted Rooms
Rooms are vacuumed and mopped every morning when the guest is out in group play
when private guests are getting a potty break out in the courtyard
Rooms are
cleaned with the guest inside

Pick up any belongings, blankets and rugs
Place rugs over the room divider
Use the Shop-Vac, which is located in the Yellowstone play park closet, to vacuum inside the guests' room
Vacuum the rooms and aisle ways
Over the grates in the room, underneath raised beds and under feeders
After vacuuming all the hair up from the aisle ways and rooms you can mop
The mop and mop bucket are in the utility room
Use the hose in the utility room sink to fill the mop bucket until the wave break line
Then add 8 ounces of Morning Mist
Refrain from using any bleach as it can be harmful to our guests
Mop all rooms that have an occupant in it and all of the aisle ways
Dump the dirty mop water in the utility room drain or in the courtyard depending on the season
Carpeted Rooms
Non Carpeted Rooms
Club Aspen
Vail Retreat
Central Bark Lounge
the Ambassador Suite
the Presidential Suite
Suites & Patio Suites
Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!
Non carpeted rooms are cleaned with Morning Mist when a guest changes rooms, checks out and additionally throughout extended stays
Indicate a room needs to be cleaned by leaving the cabinet door open
Pick up any and all dirty RIR bedding and bowls and place in appropriate places
Remove the room label from the door
taking it with any guest who is tranferring rooms or putting the RL to be shredded
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