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The Path Less Traveled

No description

AJ DeBacker

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of The Path Less Traveled

The Path Less Traveled
Investing your way to financial independence
Start Here
Financial Freedom. You can now spend your day doing whatever you
and not have to spend 8 hours a day doing stuff because you
Terms you should know
But what about...
Roth IRA
How Should I go about investing?
If you are starting from a zero balance... www.betterment.com
The Market
Index Funds
Mutual funds
If/When you have $10,000... www.vanguard.com
Both companies have low fees and will setup automatic withdrawals. You want the money to leave your account before you figure out a reason to spend it on something else.
What's the difference between Betterment and Vanguard
$0 to start
.35%-.15% in fees
Optimizes Taxes
US and International
$10,000 Starting Balance
.17 fees no matter balance
Total US Stock Market
It's all about the fees!
How to Make Money in the Stock Market
Roth IRA, 401k, Betterment, Vanguard, Mutual Funds... How do I know what to do?
Do Something
As long as you keep the fees low you probably won't screw up too badly.
If your employer has a 401k Match, you should do that first.
Free Money Always Wins :)
If you are going to only invest a little, I would do a Roth.
If you are serious about building wealth, You should do Vanguard Index Funds. You could also do some in a Roth and some in an Index Fund.
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