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[Fill in the Blank].

No description

renee motto

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of [Fill in the Blank].

RESEARCH CAMPAIGN OVERVIEW STRATEGIC CREATIVE FUTURE RECOMMENDATIONS & EVALUATION Research Goals Other Non-Profits Problems/Opportunities Target Campaign Strategy Phases Street Team Ad Placement Strategic Objectives Social Media Partnerships Creative Strategy Advertisements Follow-Up Research Susan G. Komen: For the Cure partnerships wide target demographic events/involvment 1. learning target demographic behavior/attitudes 2. assess brand awareness 3. media usage m/f ages 18-25 -.com know-it-alls college students -overly confident/invincible attitude problems: 2. lack of interest in Diabetes 3. Diabetes viewed as non-threatening 1. past campaigns were not impactful towards target opportunities: 1. use social media to create awareness 2. involvement from target in street teams,social networking,getting tested 3. build solid relationship with target traditional non-traditional print out-of-home social media Diabetes Battle
-competition to get tested travel to 15 major universities Be[ ]. give-aways testing sign-ups Strategic Goals reach over 500,000 views of PSA's on social media sites
(within a year) collect at least 500,000 followers on social networking sites receive contact info from 1,000 students on visiting campuses get students tested top of mind awareness through social media build strong recall & recognition of slogan Applebee's NCAA Facebook/Twitter Page viral videos search engine marketing create interactive campaign for student involvement building strong personal relationships use multimedia platforms to reach the target audience 1. Introduction first 3 months
reveal traditional ads
2. Interaction following 5 months
communicate with students through street team and social networking 3. Involvement final phase
participation of students with partnerships & ADA
sex appeal & vulgarity to communicate message to target audience letting students fill in their own [blanks] empowers them to be involved within our campaign Campaign Focus conduct focus groups and mini-surveys to find out campaign effectiveness Recommendations add more social media to attract more specific markets ex: blogs Instead of telling college students what we think they should know, we challenge them to [Fill in the Blank] and Be[ ].to Stop Diabetes. With the [Fill in the Blank] campaign, the possibilities are endless for college students to get involved with the American Diabetes Association. American Heart Association [Fill in the Blank] American Diabetes Association B&G Advertising Jill Adamson
Renee Motto
Laura Nitzel
Beth Williams Reebok banner ads keep maintaining Facebook page continue with patnerships research if target is receiving message on designated platforms Rhapsody back Thank you for your time and consideration. Snapfish booths -concert for winning school print & billboard banner out of home social media -Viral video PSA
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