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Chemical Properties of Magnesium

No description

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Chemical Properties of Magnesium

Pre Chemistry RP : Breece B
Where Magnesium Is Found In Nature
Physical Properties of Magnesium
-Magnesium boils @ 1,994 degrees Fahrenheit
How We Use This Element
-Used in weapons
-Causes mild to severe toxicity
-Green leafy vegetables

-Naturally found in salt water
-Coffee , tea , nuts, seeds.
The less processed the food is the more magnesium it retains.
-Magnesium is the lightest structure of all medals
-Used in medicine such as milk of magnesia
-White fireworks

Slide 2: www.ask.com/question/where-is-magnesium-found-in-nature
Slide 3: www.webelements.com/magnesium/physics.html
Slide 4: www.ask.com/question/how-is-magnesium-used
When You Consume Too Much Magnesium Salts
-Ranges from diarrhea, nausea, & abdominal cramps to trouble breathing
Slide 5: healthyliving.msn.com/nutrition/what-you-need-to-know-about-magnesium-1
Symbol : Mg
Why You Need Magnesium (an important nutrient)
-Doctors, Nutritionists & researchers believe its the single most important nutrient for human health.
-Maintains your energy level
-Helps you relax
-Sustains the health of your heart & blood vessels
Slide 7: google
Slide 8: www.doctoroz.com/blog/daniel-heller-nd/magnesium-miracle-mineral
Nutritional Requirements
-Men 19-30 need 400 mg
-Women 19-30 need 310 mg
-Men 31 & older need 420 mg
-Women 31 & older need 320 mg
-Pregnant women 19-30 need 350 mg
-Pregnant women over 30 need 360 mg
-Breastfeeding women 19-30 need 310 mg
-Breastfeeding women over 30 need 320 mg
Slide 9: https://www.eatrightontario.ca/en/Articles/Nutrients-(vitamins -and-minerals)What-you-need-to-know-about-magnesium.aspx#.UrRiFLnAk
What Happens When You Have Too Much Magnesium
-Decrease in metal status
-Difficulty breathing
-Arrythmias & hypotension
Slide 10: www.ask.com/question/what-appens-when-you-have-too-much-magnesium
What Happens When You Don't Have Enough Magnesium In Your Diet
-abnormal heart beat
-low levels of calcium & potassium
Slide 11: www.ask.com/question/whath
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