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Generational Studies

No description

Fran Matera

on 1 September 2016

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Transcript of Generational Studies

Impact on Workplace
Being aware of and respecting the differences is important.
Know what each generation needs
Millennials need more guidance and praise
Gen Xers believe that hierarchy is earned.
Millennials more likely to voice opinion
Different views on traditional work values
Baby Boomers find their sense of self in work
Know that Traditionalists are still in the work place and they value traditional work standards - less progressive and more status quo
Communication Strategies
Know who you're working with and know how to handle the situations - don't handle a Gen X situation in a Millennial way if inappropriate.
To be on the same page you have to understand your similarities and differences first.
It helps you learn your audience and how to reach them.
Knowing how to approach situations and reach out to people within and without your company.
Understand the abilities of each person.
Gen X & Millennials
See its importance and know how to use it
Finding a balance - time is important
Work to live
Baby Boomers & Millennials
Materialistic, different ways of fulfilling desires
Strong beliefs, but different techniques
Focus on "living life"
Baby Boomers between childhood & adulthood, Millennials incorporate it.
Generational Studies - JMAC
All Generations Contribute to the Workplace
Jacqueline, Miranda, Alisa, CariAnn
The Intern - 2015
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