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Narnian Virtues

No description

Peter Hart

on 20 July 2017

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Transcript of Narnian Virtues

Examples of Core Tasks
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Example of Core Tasks:
Prince Caspian
Character Passport
Thank you!
Overview of Today
Core Tasks
What is Character Education?
Character Passport
The Virtues
Research Process
Final Questions
6 (or 12):
Wisdom (Curiosity)
Love (Forgiveness, Gratitude)
Integrity (Humility)
Fortitude (Hard work, courage)
Narnian Virtues
Parent Seminars
VIP reflections
Parental Involvement

Understanding - Identifying
Empathising - Valuing
Planning and Applying

Framework for development:
Key Strategies:
Our Virtues

Examples of Core Tasks:
Prince Caspian
Full List of Core Activities:
From Prince Caspian:
Card Sort
Semantic Fields
Writing a Poem
Gratitude Letter
Comparison with 'Little Women'
Lucy's Fortitude
Stories of Hard Work
Script Writing
Comparison with 'Lord of the Rings'
Researching Stories of Sacrifice
Comparing Stories of Forgiveness
From The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe:
Semantic Field
My Turkish Delight
Hot-Seating Edmund
Etymology of Fortitude
Script Writing
Script Writing
Owning Up
Face a Fear
Edmund Tweets
What are Virtues Important?
Edmund's Story
Core & Optional Activities
1. Understanding - concepts and vocabulary
2. Identifying - recognising virtue in a range of literature
3. Empathising - understanding why characters act in a certain way
4. Valuing - being motivated to apply the virtues
5. Planning & Applying
Matching Cards
Wisdom - Foolishness
The habit of exercising good judgement; being able to see what is true and good and choosing the best course of action.

Love - Selfishness
The habit of acting selflessly for the good of another, without seeking recognition or reward; willingness to sacrifice for the sake of others by putting their well-being ahead of our own; doing good for others by being kind, caring, generous, and loyal.

Self Control in 'Catching Fire' p144
Every table presents new temptations, and even on my restricted one-taste-per-dish regimen, I begin filling up quickly. I pick up a small roasted bird, bite into it, and my tongue floods with orange sauce. Delicious. But I make Peeta eat the remainder because I want to keep tasting things, and the idea of throwing away food, as I see so many people doing so casually, is abhorrent to me. After about ten tables I’m stuffed, and we’ve only sampled a small number of the dishes available.
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