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Kerrisdale Community Assessment

N3216 - Assignment #2

Kimberly Wong

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of Kerrisdale Community Assessment

Carman Leung, Rochelle Moya, and Kimberly Wong Kerrisdale Community Assessment - Socioeconomic Environments http://n3216.webs.com/ IMPACT Related Epidemiology What is the health issue? INTRODUCTION Homelessness and poverty within the affluent neighbourhood of Kerrisdale Just the tip Health inequity within the community Low-income (cut-offs), cost of living, homelessness Key Definitions Poverty What is poverty? People who do not have money to live comfortably or to take part in community or family activities
Not necessarily unemployed or homeless
Low-income families What is low-income? Defined using data collected from the Survey of Household Spending
The threshold is defined as "the income below which a family is likely to spend 20% more of its income on food, shelter, and clothing than the average family." What is aggregate? Low-income Aggregate Social responsibility for health Equity/Inequity What is social responsibility for health? What is equity/inequity? The whole picture Agencies that support those affected by the issue Group of people based on shared common interests, demographics, cultural heritages, and socioeconomic and education levels Since health and illness are result of broad factors:
socioeconomic and physical environment;
the level of social support and social cohesion among individuals and communities
the level of education
working conditions, and so on
Social change is more important than individual behaviour change

Business, finance, and administrative
Social science, education, government and religion
Health occupations
Natural and applied sciences

Few work in sales, services or trades. How the issue is influenced by prevailing societal value(s), norm(s), and/or ideologies: FOUR KEY RECOMMENDATIONS FOR COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSES TO EFFECT CHANGE St. Mary's, Kerrisdale

http://www.endeavoursociety.com/home.html Includes concepts such as:
social justice
appropriate resource allocation and access 53% of residents have a university degree.
12% have a college or non-university degree. To create a supporting community Wealthy Residents Building healthy public policy Prevention by empowerment Encouraging action Highly Educated Population Causes Incidence The Londonderry That's $18.00 a session! Under the Housing Foundation of BC

Affordable housing for those with low-income. Average household income is greater than $80K ~15% made less than $15K
~15% made between 29-30k
~13% 40-50k
~9% made 60-70K Effects on the aggregate Lack of school readiness
Increased stress
No post secondary education
Decreased self esteem
Parental distress 43% of the residents are immigrants
79% speak Chinese Effects on the
community Potential for crime and violence! There IS a link between poverty and violence. Language barrier References Around The Block. (2012). About Kerrisdale. Retrieved from http://www.blocktalk.ca/vancouver/kerrisdale/lifestyle/

Diocese of New Westminster: Anglican Church of Canada. (2011). Food (and shelter) outreach, Diocese of New Westminster. Retrieved from http://www.vancouver.anglican.ca/OurMinistry/ReachingOut/FoodandShelterOutreach/tabid/213/page/3/Default.aspx

Endeavour Society. (2009). Endeavour: For the benefit of the arts, sciences, & health. Retrieved from http://www.endeavoursociety.com/home.html

Housing Foundation of British Columbia. (2012). The Londonderry. Retrieved from http://housingfoundation.ca/2011/08/the-londonderry/

Public Health Agency of Canada. (2001). Population health promotion: An integrated model of population health and health promotion. Retrieved from http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/ph-sp/php-psp/index-eng.php

Stamler, L. L., & Yiu, L. (2012). Community health nursing: A Canadian perspective (3rd ed.). Toronto, Ontario: Pearson Canada.

Statistics Canada. (2010). Low income definitions. Retrieved from http://www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/75f0011x/2010001/notes/low-faible-eng.htm

Vancouver Economic Commission. (2009). Kerrisdale village - commercial profile. Retrieved from http://www.vancouvereconomic.com/userfiles/kerrisdalecommercial.pdf http://www.review.upeace.org/index.cfm?opcion=0&ejemplar=7&entrada=65
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